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The Future of the Cookieless Digital World

Here you’ll find a detailed analysis about the future of the Cookieless world, which will ensure more privacy but advertisers need to update quickly.

Event Marketing 101

Top Tips to Present an Idea Clearly

Here is a detailed description of how to present an idea clearly before you target audience online with the help of good software, EventX.

Hybrid Events

5 Strategies for Hybrid Meetings and Events

Over the last two years, virtual or online events have grown to a level of popularity that few would have expected pre-pandemic. As we begin to...

Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events: 3 Things You Should Know About

With the trend of hybrid events in the industry, it is important to know what they are. This article will introduce you to some things you should...

Event Marketing 101

5 Ways to Find More Attendees for Your Event

Whether you are planning your first event or a follow-up event, here are some strategies that can help you get more attendees. EventX will discuss...

Event Marketing 101

7 Tips to Engage Your Customers Online

Community management is one of the key channels for driving online engagement. EventX webinar proves 7 secret tips to engage your customers.

Event Trends

6 Top Event Trends in Asia 2022

Based on the event trends and circumstances we’ve been seeing so far, here are 6 top event trends in Asia to look out for in 2022.

New Features

Introducing our Stronger All-in-One Platform

All functions in one single platform As an event management technology specialist, we have acknowledged that marketing teams of many companies take...

Event Trends

WEBINAR Recap: Event Trends in Asia 2021

Discover the latest event trends in Asia straight from the leading event experts and build better event strategies this year.

New Features

We’re Launching a New Email Builder

To build a tech-savvy image, you have to start impressing your attendees starting from the first step of sending invitations. And we are here to...

Events in Asia

EventX just joined 500 Startups Family

We’re happy to be in the Batch 19 We are excited to announce that EventX has become part of the 500 Startups Family last week for their Batch 19...

Virtual Event Guide

How to Get Better ROI From Your Events

Return on investment is an important metric for measuring event performance. This EventX guide will help you boost your event ROI.

New Features

We’re now supporting WeChat Pay

At EventX, one of our missions is to enable you to host events for the Chinese audience smoothly with tech. A big, common challenge in China that...

Introducing Event Apps & App Builder

We are proud to present our new products that can help you create and push your event content to multiple platforms (Web, iOS, Android) in real time....

Hybrid Events

8 Steps to Postpone All Types of Event

During COVID-19 pandemic, a complete guide is needed for postpone or cancel your event. It includes both in-person and virtual online events.

Event Management Software

Full Virtual Event Solutions for Event Organizers

Those virtual events solutions are what you need to plan and execute your successful online event. Click here to discover a full set of virtual event...

Hybrid Events

Something you should know about hybrid events

Hybrid event is a new form of event which took place in recent years. This article will introduce what is it as well as its trend and advantages.

Virtual Event Guide

Virtual Event Guide In 2020

Virtual event is gaining popularity these days. This article provides guidelines on how to host a successful online event in 2020

Hybrid Events

Advantages of Hybrid Events

What is a Hybrid Event? Hybrid events are a combination of physical and virtual events. While hybrid events are being held in physical venues,...

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