3 Best Virtual Graduation Day platforms in 2022

Hazel Siu Jun 30, 2022

Graduation Day is a significant event in our life. We have worked so hard to complete a diploma, degree or certificate, and we want this day to be as perfect as it can be. 

However, physical graduation days are canceled because of social distancing policies and safety concerns related to COVID-19, giving rise to the use of virtual graduation day platforms. Virtual graduation day platforms offer the advantage of high accessibility, resolution of multimedia and interactive platforms so everyone can engage actively in the event.

We understand your need to hold a memorable graduation day, so we would like to provide you with 3 best virtual graduation day platforms you may consider using.

A list of 3 Best Virtual Graduation Day platform

  1. Virtway Events
  2. Gradpak
  3. EventX


Virtway Events

Virtway Events is part of the startup company Virtway SL, with its headquarter in Oviedo, Principality of Asturias. Virtway Events offers a life-like virtual event connection platform. Virtual private rooms in Virtway Events can accommodate up to 500 avatars. You can download Virtway Events on multiple platforms, including Google Play, Apple, Windows 10 and Mac App Store.

Notable features:

  • Live Streaming 
  • Interactive space for networking
  • Virtual concert room for post-ceremony celebration


Virtway Event makes use of metaverse for constructing the virtual networking space. They provide you with a chance to meet everyone in one single place. Attendees can create their avatars with customized caps, gowns, and school logos and take photos with their fellow schoolmates on the platform.

Attendees on their event platform are not constrained by locations. Thus, you can invite honorable guests from anywhere. You can also invite your friends and family members to be part of this important event. The entire ceremony is live-streamed and recorded on the platform, so you do not have to worry about missing any moments in the ceremony.

If you want to celebrate with your close friends in a more private space, you can use their Networking Stands, Escape Rooms for celebrating before or after the graduation ceremony.


Brief introduction: Gradpak offers an entirely customizable virtual, hybrid or physical graduation ceremony platform for different institutions. It offers services regarding registration, ticketing, reporting of a virtual commencement. GradPak has organized graduation ceremonies for well-known institutions and universities in the United States and Australia.

Notable features:

  • Virtual alumni events
  • Easy registration process
  • Guest list management
  • Personalized graduation slide


GradPak offers virtual graduation ceremonies with a customized experience. Attendees can complete the registration process online with a step-by-step guide. Attendees can purchase merchandise through the platform directly. 

GradPak creates a personalized graduation slide for every individual. Every graduate’s information will be displayed on the screen clearly, and graduates can upload their pictures and videos beforehand. 

GradPak understands that an attendee’s name being read correctly is essential on special occasions. Therefore, they collect phonetic information and audio files from graduates. Hence, the graduation ceremony will be even more professional and less embarrassing moments caused by mispronouncing names.



EventX Virtual Graduation Day with CityU

EventX is an Asian-based leading provider of event management software solutions. It has offered event marketing solutions to over 135 countries and organized over 10,000 events with 5 million attendees. It has collaborated with well-formed brands, respected event agencies and leading trade bodies in Asia, including Alibaba, Amazon, Cyberport, The Economist, HKTDC, HSBC, Reed and Swire.

Notable features:

  • 1080P with a high resolution video
  • China Network Accessibility
  • Flexible virtual space design
  • Interactive networking lounge 
  • Live recording


With a few clicks, you can seamlessly set up the graduation venue, registration process, and entrance procedure in EventX. EventX provides you with an automatic system for sending out invitations to everyone.

EventX also offers high-quality photos and videos so everyone can perfectly witness the event. The graduation day will be conducted smoothly and stably. You can also put your institution logo and the latest news in a virtual space such as the lobby, exhibition hall and lounge.

If you miss the connection with your teachers and fellow schoolmates, you can spend some intimate time with them in a private room or at the networking lounge. 

The whole graduation day will be exclusive to all the attendees. EventX is protected by ISO27701, ISO27001 security and privacy. You can immerse yourself in a safe virtual world and spend the last bit of school time with your loved ones.


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