EventX Awarded in HKECIA Industry Awards of Excellence 2023

EventX Jun 12, 2023
HKECIA’s Outstanding Award for Innovation and Digitalisation

EventX: The ONLY Event Software Company Won the Award

EventX is thrilled to announce that we have won the HKECIA's Outstanding Award for Innovation and Digtalisation 2023! We are incredibly proud to be the only event software company to get this award and recognized for our commitment to pushing the boundaries of event technology and embracing digital transformation in the industry.

About HKECIA and the Award

outstanding award for innovation and digitalisation

The Hong Kong Exhibition & Conference Industry Association (HKECIA) is an organization dedicated to representing and promoting the exhibition and convention industry in Hong Kong. The association collaborated with the government and other stakeholders to strengthen and leverage Hong Kong's status as Asia's trade fair capital.

The HKECIA Industry Awards of Excellence is an annual event organized by the association to recognize and honour the outstanding efforts and initiatives undertaken by members in the exhibition and convention business. The awards aim to highlight innovative approaches that have mitigated the impact of the pandemic and positively impacted the events landscape between March 2020 and December 2022.

The Awards provide a platform to showcase and honour outstanding achievements in three categories:

Outstanding Award for Pandemic Response: This category recognizes members who have demonstrated excellence in responding to the challenges posed by the pandemic by implementing effective measures to ensure the safety and success of events.

Outstanding Award for Pandemic Resilience: This category acknowledges members who have found innovative ways to adapt to the changing environment caused by the pandemic and continue to hold successful exhibitions and conventions.

Outstanding Award for Innovation and Digitalisation: This category celebrates members who have embraced innovation and digitalisation to enhance the exhibition experience, leveraging technology to create engaging and immersive events.

EventX is honoured to obtain the Outstanding Award for Innovation and Digitalisaiton.

Our Mission


The events industry provides great opportunities for all its participants, including us! However, running events can still be a painful process. Struggling to complete tasks manually, event organizers have very limited data to measure the results of their hard work. That's why EventX is built. We wanted to provide event planners with a smarter way to run their events and get more out of them.

EventX believes that innovation is the key to delivering exceptional experiences for our clients and attendees. Through cutting-edge solutions and forward-thinking strategies, we strive to revolutionize the way events are planned, managed and experienced.

We must credit the team and our clients who put their trust in us, and our investors, advisors, and mentors who supported us along the way and it is a token of recognition of successfully passing through the pandemic storm. Once again, we'd like to thank HKECIA for their recognition and you for trusting us.


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