A Lead Capture Platform for Virtual Expos and Events

Boosting attendance for your event can feel like a dead end if you do not know where to start. Fortunately, our EventX software offers virtual conference lead capture functionalities that get your online event invites to where and who they need to go.

Take the grunt work out of leads generation by partnering with EventX for your future online events.

Gather Quality Leads at Your Event

As the old age goes, time is of the essence. Through our virtual meeting lead capture software, we cut down on the required manpower and manhours for acquiring valuable leads while boosting possibility for attendance.

Gather Quality Leads

Online Networking

Our virtual meeting lead capture software can give us leads on attendees that we might not know personally despite them fitting our target demographic. Through this built-in feature, you can reach the right minds and people that you need for your event’s attendance to succeed.

Online Networking

Reach Both Local and Global Audiences

Our virtual event platform also makes hybrid events a safe and successful possibility, especially for local attendees. However, we might not always know which local institutions will be a good fit for the invite. Enter the EventX hybrid event lead capture feature for higher live event attendance for your on-site activities!

Reach both local and global audiences

More Accurate Attendee Selection

Our virtual meeting lead capture software can bring you and your company higher value leads. Whether they match your target market more accurately or possess a connection with a potential business partner, you can be sure that the lead selection process is done in an intuitive manner from our software’s machine learning.

More accurate attendee selection

Data-Driven Analytics

Both our virtual meeting and hybrid event lead capture possess massive potential for virtual event analytics from the get-go. This is because even the leads generation process is a data-driven phase of our webinar software’s operation. Obtain valuable findings as early as the registration process by studying the results of your event’s lead capture feature.

Data-Driven Analytics

Our Products

Virtual Event

Our virtual conference lead capture software makes acquiring attendees for online events much easier. Take the guesswork out of inviting potential attendees by letting the EventX lead capture software reach out to users both in the local and international scene of your industry. Conduct events filled with energy and collaboration from the safety and convenience of your own home or workspace without having to worry about getting the invite where it needs to go to succeed.


Impart valuable industry knowledge to the people who need it most through our webinar lead capture feature. Connect with both foreign and local audience based on the EventX lead generation function, so you can make a bigger impact and establish rapport with the right professionals in your field.

Hybrid Events

These days, getting people to attend live events can seem like more of a challenge than it used to be. This can prove to be a game-changing obstacle for activities that rely on high live engagement. Our lead capture feature taps the right people and institutions for better on-site and online attendance. Generate both online and offline activity for your hybrid events by reaching out to the right people.


Experiencing a product is the best way to learn more about what it has to offer. Our virtual expo lead capture platform gives you the edge to raise awareness about your business idea to the right people. Reach the right customers, partners, and investors by employing our virtual expo lead capture platform for your venture!


They say that learning is a lifelong pursuit. Share the knowledge that you have to offer with like-minded people through the EventX virtual conference lead capture feature. Raise awareness about the classes you offer and find students in the most unlikely places through a tool that does the searching for you!

Organizations That Can Benefit from Virtual Conference Lead Capture

Virtual meeting lead capture software can create opportunities for boosting attendance and higher value follow-throughs. Below are some of the top industries that the EventX virtual meeting lead capture software can create opportunities for.


No matter what industry they may be in, corporations all over the globe require a good network of connections—especially when hosting events. Energize activations with increased attendees through the hybrid event lead capture features from EventX.

Small to Large Enterprises

Looking for the right partners and investors to believe in your business? Through our lead capture software, you can raise awareness for virtual expos and meetings that give others a chance to learn more about your business and what you have to offer. Whatever the size of your enterprise, the right leads can lead you to customers and investors that will appreciate your virtual demonstrations and the value of your business ideas.

Educational Institutions

Do you have some valuable knowledge and teachings to share? Perhaps you are teaching a masterclass on a skill you have honed to perfection? Our webinar lead generation software gives you the opportunity to reach out to potential students that fit the demographic and field that your expertise is most needed. Pass down your knowledge with the people who will appreciate it most.

What did our client say

We are really happy about the platform. The platform fulfils our expectation for organising the exhibition and bring the real feeling of expo for exhibitors and visitors. Besides, it is an easy-to-use platform which can help our exhibitors build-up booth and registration easily. Thank you very much for your team working hard to make us a successful exhibition.

Ryan Phan

Ryan Phan
Marketing Manager | Reed Tradex

Get the Right People Where They Need to Go

Through our virtual event lead capture technology, you can raise awareness about your next big online event, expo, or webinar by reaching out to the right people. Conserve time, resources, and manpower by focusing your efforts on potential attendees that match the demographic that you need most.

The EventX virtual meeting lead capture software gives you better opportunities for networking with like-minded business contacts, students, and partner institutions. The right people that these leads connect you with can grant higher returns and drive more business your way. Get your invites to where they can work hardest through EventX!

Events anywhere, anytime, for anyone.

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