What is a virtual exhibition and how do you host one?

Hazel Siu Jan 7, 2022

Virtual exhibitions are a fantastic way to show off what you have got. Here, you will learn more about what a virtual exhibition is, the benefits of having one, and how to create one.

What is a virtual exhibition?

Traditionally, exhibitions are public events where you display or present products. A virtual exhibition differs from a traditional one in a few ways. It is a large-scale virtual event for community building and promoting products and public relations by highlighting a company’s narrative through various media and methods. Compared to conventional exhibitions, accessing virtual exhibitions is more affordable and efficient for both customers and brands.

Benefits of virtual exhibitionsproduct demo

Product demonstrations

Online exhibitions allow you to demonstrate your products to potential buyers, which creates value for both the company and customers. Customers can observe the product in action and easily decide whether or not it would be beneficial to them. Also, they can inquire about the characteristics and advantages of the product.

Enhance company image

Virtual exhibitions are a great way to have customers and distributors approach the company directly. Since consumers and distributors are easily influenced by event preparation and professional setups, it is essential to make everything on point to improve lead generation. Otherwise, customers and distributors may question your expertise.

Sell products to the right customers

Accomplish high sales to the target customers with the perfect virtual display. Virtual exhibitions are especially helpful if you want to attract people at an international level — you can create specific segments on different days of the event. This way, you will capture filtered customers and close deals more easily, and even encourage target visitors to return.

How to host a virtual exhibition

Before you decide to host a virtual exhibition, have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. You may want to introduce new items, give a presentation on the company's product line, generate sales, and so on. Your team, especially event organizers and staff manning the booth, must clearly understand your goals.

Step 1. Start planning early


One of the most effective methods to save money on your exhibition is to plan at least a few months ahead. Start by researching on the topic and inviting speakers. Having a clear roadmap will help you to organize an exhibition more successfully.

Step 2. Make a budget breakdown

Doing a budget breakdown before you start spending on your exhibition is an excellent way to stay on top of your expenses. It lets you keep costs down in the long run. The first decision you can expect to make is how much money you would spend on your display space.

Step 3. Choose an online platform for your exhibition

Many platforms are available on the market. We recommend EventX: it has an easy-to-understand interface that anyone can operate; and you can use it to create different virtual events, from exhibitions to trade shows, conferences and career fairs, to business matching event solutions, online event registration platforms, and more.

Step 4. Open up registrations for the event



Pique interest among your target audience ahead of the event. To spark excitement, open up registrations for your online event before the start date.

Get your potential visitors to fill out a registration form. Once you have their contact information, update them via text message or email and start a countdown clock. Preparing a teaser for your exhibition can also be a great idea to attract your target audience.

Step 5. Create a welcoming virtual exhibition lobby

When your audience joins the virtual exhibition, make them feel welcome and in the right place with a dynamic and realistic virtual lobby. Explore different options online, and try getting feedback from guests. To generate more publicity and thank your sponsors, you can also set up banner displays and video screens.

If you do not want to use templates, you can customize one that suits your needs.

Step 6. Design the perfect exhibition by categorizing and sorting

Your brand or exhibitors can display their products in customizable booths. In a virtual exhibition, products are displayed in the form of e-brochures, videos and graphics.

To make your virtual exhibition successful, give your visitors access to a trade show floor and as much coverage as possible for your companies. Also, categorize and sort products to make your exhibition more organized.

If you are using EventX, its multimedia feature is beneficial. Also, filters allow visitors to access virtual booths directly without wasting time.

Step 7. Create virtual booths

Speaking of virtual booths, they create opportunities to facilitate interactions between participants and brand representatives. Exhibition attendees can browse information, attend presentations, and even speak with brands directly. Exhibitors can also improve their products by interacting with visitors.

Participants can communicate directly with brands in private or public chatrooms. Direct messaging and video conferencing are also possible with top-of-the-range software. To improve the experience for brands, include marketing collateral from companies.

The bottom line

A virtual exhibition is a great way to enhance your profile and promote your brand. It enables you to network with your potential customers and suppliers while simultaneously learning more about your competition. Above all, it is convenient for your audience to attend because they do not have travel, saving money and time.

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