3 Common Pain Points in Event Prospecting and the Respective Solutions

Joey Yuen Apr 24, 2023
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Organizing events is an effective way to achieve sales prospecting, but to successfully increase sales and attract new customers through events is not an easy task. In this article, we list out the 3 most common pain points that event planners face when achieving event prospecting, and the solutions to these pain points.

What is Event Prospecting?

Event prospecting involves organizing events to achieve sales prospecting. Sales prospecting is the process of identifying and reaching out to potential customers or leads who are likely to have an interest in a company's products or services. The goal of sales prospecting is to initiate and build relationships with potential customers and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

Sales prospecting can involve various methods, such as email marketing, cold calling, social media outreach, etc. Organizing events is also an effective way to achieve sales prospecting.

How can organizing events help you achieve sales prospecting and boost your business?



Event planners can use various tactics and strategies to ensure that their events effectively support sales prospecting goals. Events provide an excellent platform for businesses to engage with potential customers, generate leads and increase sales. Events also provide networking opportunities for participants, allowing them to build new relationships. Organizing events also help build brand awareness and image among the industry and consumers. It is hence an effective way to achieve sales prospecting.

However, the process of organizing events for sales prospecting comes with its unique set of challenges and pain points, which event planners must overcome to achieve success. In this article, we identify the 3 most common pain points for event planners in achieving sales prospecting and their respective solutions.

Pain Points in Event Prospecting and Solutions

1. Pre-event: Finding Attendees

One of the biggest challenges faced by event planners is finding the right attendees for their events. The success of any event depends on the quality of the attendees, and event planners must identify and attract the right target audience to ensure that the event is a success. It is also important to ensure that the event is appealing to the target audience, and event planners shall effectively promote the event in order to reach the intended audience.

Identifying the right target audience can be challenging, particularly for events targeting a specific niche or industry. Event planners must conduct thorough research and analysis to identify the characteristics and preferences of their desired audience, including demographics, interests, and behavior patterns.



To tackle this pain point, you could try building a contact list. By building a contact list, event planners can create targeted marketing campaigns to promote their event to a specific audience. This ensures that their event is reaching the right people, which increases the likelihood of attracting the right attendees.

EventX’s Prospect Finder could also help event planners find more audiences for their events. Prospect finder is a tool for turning interested individuals into customers. It involves attracting and engaging potential customers through events or other activities. Just enter your niche, and EventX would generate a list of audiences for you. You could then send out your email invitations to the list of audiences.


2. During the Event: Active Attendee Engagement 

Maintaining active attendee engagement during events is a significant challenge for event planners. Keeping attendees engaged is essential for the success of an event as it ensures that attendees remain interested and invested in the event, who can later be converted into qualified leads. However, it can be challenging to cater to the needs and interests of all attendees and maintain their engagement throughout the event. It is also important to ensure that the event content and activities align with sales prospecting goals and create values for attendees.



To achieve active audience engagement, it is helpful to collect attendee’s information before the event. Having a better understanding of the audience allows event planners to design the content of the event and attendee engagement strategies.

With EventX, event planners can customize their own registration form for events to collect attendee information that they need. This helps event planners gain a better understanding of the attendees to design activities for their events accordingly. EventX also provides various functions to increase attendee engagement during virtual events, such as Q&A sessions, polling and networking sessions. This helps maintain attendees’ interests during events.


3. Post-event: Retaining Attendees and Converting them into Qualified Leads

While attracting attendees to an event is critical, the ultimate goal is to turn them into qualified leads and customers. By following up with attendees, event planners can keep attendees engaged and interested in the company. This helps convert attendees into qualified leads.

However, the follow-up process can be time-consuming and require significant resources. Event planners may need to contact attendees multiple times, provide personalized information and support, and track their progress. This can be challenging to do at scale, particularly for larger events.



With EventX’s Lead Retrieval solution, event planners can set up attendee feedback questionnaires to understand more about the attendees’ information and needs, which allows them to personalize the follow-up emails. EventX also comes with follow-up email templates, making the follow-up process less time-consuming. Event planners can also utilize the post-event attendee analytics provided by EventX to design their follow-up strategies, and strategies for converting attendees into qualified leads. 


In conclusion, organizing events can be a powerful tool for sales prospecting. By organizing events, event planners can maximize the chances of retaining attendees and converting them into qualified leads, ultimately driving business growth and success.

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