Organizing virtual events might be easier than you think.

Haley Wong Mar 7, 2023

EventX has created a full suite of tools, tips, and resources to help you gather your participants despite the geographical distances. If you hold virtual events with us, distance is no longer a barrier to connecting people! Here we introduce a full set of virtual event solutions for you.

How do virtual events differ from physical events?

Your virtual event will not have a live check-in, reception, name badge printing, or in-person networking. Instead, virtual event tools will streamline these services.

Organizers and participants can still utilize the event management app or tool. They can view real-time event information, and exchange contact data by scanning QR codes or virtual business cards.

They can also interact with speakers through live polling or Q&A session.

So, What Do I Do If I Want to Hold an Online Event?

If you haven’t organized a virtual event before, you may not know how to engage your attendees or adapt to a new conference tool. Here are some tips to make it easy.

  1. Re-define the goal of the virtual event so that you don’t deviate from it
  2. Set a clear timeline for each part of your event
  3. Specify the guidelines on how to increase engagement or profits
  4. List out the things you may need for a virtual event:
  • Registration page
  • Ticketing and payment
  • Virtual vents Tools setup
  • Manage your attendees
  • Attendees engaging flow setup 
  • Pre-event rehearsal with speakers and your team
  • Event technical support and facilitation
  • Post-event report services

Full Solutions for Holding Various Online Events

Which virtual event tool should you pick from all the Google search results? Read the following recommendations to find the one that fits.

  • Data import
  • Registration form
  • RSVP
  • Ticket payment (including HKD & RMB)
  • Notification email and SMS
  • Attendee management

Holding a small-sized webinar with 20-50 people

You may try using Zoom. They have a well-designed user interface (UI) and user-friendly buttons for beginners.

Their free version even allows users to hold meetings for up to 40 minutes with 100 attendees.

Zoom’s maximum is up to 10,000+ attendees and 100 videos at the same time.

Holding large-sized webinars with 1,000+ people

You can use Studio One, which is a live-streaming tool with high-quality staff.

They can hold 1,000 participants or more. Again, the easy user interface (UI) and setup process make it user-friendly for beginners.

They also support live polling and a Q&A session.

Holding medium-sized multi-networking webinars with 50-300 people

Remo supports a 3-in-1 feature with “Webinar + Networking + Booths.” They simulate physical events which enable people to network, access content, and listen to speakers.

Through chat tools, speakers can also connect with the audience in real time. Their maximum is 1,000 attendees. Functions including share screen, Q&A upvote, and raise hand in webinar mode are also supported.

Holding virtual expo/conference/exhibition

vFairs simulates physical event halls. Participants can virtually see the booths, lobby, and information center!

Speakers can connect with the audience in real time by using chat tools. They also have a user-friendly web app.

Interested in our solution?

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