Stand out from the crowd through your name badge

Fiona Pang Oct 27, 2022
conference name badge

Imagine you are in a conference room full of people from different companies. All of them are wearing black and white business attire with masks on. You start to question whether you have facial blindness. Then you start to categorize the people according to the auspicious colour hanging on their necks. Yes, that’s when a conference badge comes in handy and separates you from the rest of the people. This blog post will look into the design of the conference badge. 



Bold and big business card

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be big. AS BIG AS YOU CAN. The optimal size for your conference badge should be 72pt minimum. Your first name should be larger than your last name because having people calling your first name is friendlier than calling your last name. It is also easier to recall your first name than your last name. Test the distance between your conference badge and the crowd, your name should be visible from 15 feet.


2. Be different 

Even if you're coming from the same company, variations are what grab people’s attention and stand out. EventX supports multiple badge designs for different groups of attendees. People can still distinguish the unison within your company badge but customization is also offered to individual needs. 


3. Utilize the space for networking

Did you know conference badges can be a great conversation starter? You can utilize the space to feature quotes from your favourite fictional characters or quotes that best represent yourself. Make sure to be genuine because people will talk in-depth about your topic and nothing looks more awkward than your potential customer exposing you. 


How EventX can help you

EventX knows customization is the key to showing off your attention to detail. We offer walk-in form setting and grouping and attendees into fields display. Apart from the customization, we also offer name badge printing for your event. There will be auto badge printing after check-in, or you can also print a badge without check-in. Testing the print function is always welcome. Moreover, you can search for the attendee using any field, including name, contact number, company and job title. This helps to better organize your attendees. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Name Badges

What is a name badge?

A name badge is a tag or a label that helps identify you in a conference. People usually put their name, job title, or business affiliations on their badge.

What makes a good name badge?

Try to use bigger font size so that people can spot you from the afar. Use bold and different designs, or colours that matches your brand. For the remaining space, you can use it creatively for ice-breaking and networking purposes, such as including a short, humourous introduction to yourself.


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