Thanks to you, 'Event & Marketing Trends 2023' was a success!

Max Li Apr 28, 2023

EventX is proud to present What's Next in 2023? Event & Marketing Trends After Pandemic alongside ReThink, Hong Kong Computer Society, KPMG, Booking Radar, Cyberport, and Community Connect on 18 April at Cyberport. A panel of experienced speakers shared wonderful insights on the latest marketing trends, sustainability, and metaverse application respectively.


The event was attended by marketing professionals, event planners, and industry experts from all over Hong Kong. Five speakers from different industries spoke in front of 120 people (70 in-person, 50 virtual). They are Sum Wong (CEO and co-founder, EventX), Chris Brown (Founder & Director, RethinkHK & Rethink Foundation), Gabriel Kwong (CEO and co-founder, AiR World), Dave Chen (Vice President of Emerging Technologies, Hong Kong Computer Society), and Anita Chau (Marketing & Event Director, KPMG). We are proud to have Angeline Yu (Business Director, Booking Radar) serve as our MC for our event, not to mention our instant badge printing system, which ensures speedy and seamless name badge customization. Click here to check out more! 



One of the major trends highlighted at the conference was the growing importance of experiential marketing. This approach focuses on creating immersive experiences for customers that engage all of their senses. Sum Wong proved this could be achieved through events, installations, and other creative marketing campaigns through his sharing session on the latest marketing trends. Another trend discussed at the conference was the use of technology in events and marketing. This includes everything from virtual and hybrid events to using AI and machine learning to personalize marketing messages.



Sustainability and ethical marketing were also hot topics at the conference. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their purchases' impact on the environment. They are demanding more from brands in terms of sustainability and ethical practices. We are lucky to have Chris Brown to share his insights on ESG compliance. 



Finally, the conference emphasized the importance of marketing gamification. Gabriel Kwong displayed how gamification enhances attendee engagement through a series of minigames he created. His AR proficiency and ambition in metaverse development allow him to further develop captivating minigames for AI purposes. It is really useful that we learn the element of ‘game’ is universally acknowledged in events. 


Sum modulated a panel discussion after the afternoon break. Dave and Anita joined Sum and Chris and shared their ‘secrets’ of attracting attendees to events, their individual views on the future marketing trend, insights regarding AI and many more. 




At the end of the sharing, there was a free networking session where attendees had further exchanges with speakers and one another. We are delighted to see everybody successfully building their pipelines, so be sure to join our next event! Once again, thank you, ReThink, Hong Kong Computer Society, KPMG, Booking Radar, Cyberport, and Community Connect, for making our event happen. Don’t feel bad if you missed out; we have plenty of upcoming events, so be sure to get notified and we will see you next time!



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