The Impactful Role AI Will Play in Your Next Event – It's Not What You Think!

David Lang May 30, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to bring about significant changes to the event industry, altering the ways events are conceptualized, organized, and enjoyed. This exposition builds upon a scholarly article named "The impact of artificial intelligence on event experiences: a scenario technique approach," authored by Neuhofer, B., Magnus, B. & Celuch, K. back in 2021.

Potential Influence

The paper showcases three hypothetical scenarios, projecting the potential influence of AI on the event industry by 2026. These scenarios extend from a greatly enhanced personalized experience to a questionable use of AI, and finally, to a diminished experience as a result of AI failure.

In the first scenario, AI is regarded as an instrumental asset contributing to value co-creation. In this context, AI is thoroughly integrated into every phase of the event experience—from pre-event stages, through the event, to post-event activities. It is employed to deliver personalized suggestions, enable smooth interactions, and augment the overall event experience. This scenario presumes advanced AI development and significant acceptance among event attendees.

The second scenario portrays AI as an impartial entity, neither augmenting nor undermining the event experience. Here, AI is used in a restrained manner, primarily for administrative tasks like ticketing and scheduling. This scenario presupposes a moderate level of AI development and acceptance from event attendees.

In the third scenario, AI is depicted as a catalyst for value co-destruction. In this case, AI is perceived as impersonal and invasive, leading to adverse experiences for event attendees. This scenario anticipates advanced AI development but a minimal level of acceptance from event attendees.

The authors contend that these scenarios are not exclusive, and the future of AI in event experiences will likely involve elements from each scenario. They propose that event planners must thoughtfully integrate AI into their events to maximize value co-creation and minimize value co-destruction. They underscore the necessity for additional research to decipher the intricate relationship between AI, event experiences, and value co-creation and co-destruction.

Theoretical and Practical Consequences

The paper suggests that AI will redefine current relations in the event industry, molding and driving human-to-non-human co-creation processes and extending service touchpoints beyond the immediate service ecosystem. This revelation initiates a systems-oriented debate about service ecosystems and fosters dialogue on the symbiosis between human and non-human participants in service and value co-creation.

From a practical standpoint, the study aims to assist event planners in decision-making, AI implementation, and experience design in events. The principal value proposition of AI resides in its ability to co-create and personalize experiences, provide information and assistance, catering not only to attendees on a collective and large scale but also to individuals at the most detailed level.


The future of AI in the event industry holds immense promise. As we move toward this bright future, it's essential to approach it with a balanced perspective. While AI's potential to revolutionize the industry is undeniable, we must not allow ourselves to be blinded by its brilliance. It's crucial to consider all potential outcomes, both positive and negative, and to understand that AI's successful implementation will depend on careful planning, user acceptance, and continuous refinement.


Neuhofer, B., Magnus, B. & Celuch, K. The impact of artificial intelligence on event experiences: a scenario technique approach. Electron Markets 31, 601–617 (2021).

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