What are Hybrid Events and Why do You need it ?

David Lang Jun 18, 2021

As long as we think of the modes of events, what immediately comes to our mind would be either physical and virtual events. In fact, apart from these two types of events, there is a new term called “hybrid event” being taken place in recent years.

As novel as amateurs may not know, there are actually many event organisers that adopt hybrid events for conferences, trade shows, webinars, exhibitions and so on. In other words, this new type of event is gaining popularity.

Want to learn more about this prevalent trend in the event industry? Keep reading to figure out the answer.

Definition of hybrid events

A hybrid event is a fusion of both a live in-person event and virtual online components. With the right technology, you can sync the content and engagement features so that both live and online attendees can have a similar experience.

Depending on the set-up and cost, virtual attendees should be able to hear the presenter, view the presentation slides, and even see the presenters in real-time via live streaming video. In most cases, in-person and virtual attendees can participate in the same session concurrently.

The most common hybrids are concerts that include both music and stage performances, and trade shows that include exhibits from both business and technology sectors. Hybrids can also include events such as art exhibitions, book signings, and wine tastings.

Reasons for gaining currency in the event industry

The most obvious reason for the growing trend of organising hybrid events lies in the fact that it can break down the geographical barrier and time constraints. With the live streaming videos, participants can watch and attend the event remotely, even though they are not physically present on the occasion.

On one hand, the attendees can reduce the cost of traveling to the venue, especially when some events are held overseas. On the other hand, the event organisers and speakers can also engage with the audience easily, as those who join the event virtually can leave their comments and voice out their opinions in real time.

Advantages of hybrid events

Aside from the wider reach and increased engagement, there are an array of benefits to organise hybrid events. Improved return on investment (ROI), for example, is also a significant advantage which is definitely worth mentioning. With more attendance, it can help to result in more views or even new sponsors as well as increased sign up rates after the event. These are the precious returns that organisers can gain through the event.

Another advantage that deserves our attention is the valuable data that organisers can get. Since you can have a comprehensive picture of the participation numbers, engagement rates and other attendees’ activities, meaning that you can clearly evaluate the performance of the event and pave the way for a better event in the future.

Typical examples of hybrid events 2020

1. Apple Special Events


Apple Special Events is an annual event that Apple has hosted since 2006. The company chose the mode of hybrid event because it can ensure a wide range of audience from across the world can get hold of the latest information of Apple’s newly launched products every year.

2. Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World is a large hybrid conference for digital marketers to gather and exchange information. There are more than 100 of the world’s social media experts to share the advertising strategies and skills in content marketing with attendees from all over the globe.


Notwithstanding the fact that the growing threat of COVID-19 has temporarily prevented both physical and hybrid events from being held, it is predictable that the business ecosystem of the event industry will resume normally after the pandemic. 

Given that hybrid events allow greater flexibility and reach as well as fewer physical limitations, it is predictable that more and more event organisers will tend to adopt this mode of event in the foreseeable future. 


Q & A

Q: How to hold a successful hybrid events?

A: A successful hybrid event is one that is well planned and executed. It should be a fun and interactive experience for both the participants and the attendees. The following tips will help you create a successful hybrid event:

1. Decide what type of event you are planning. There are many different types of hybrid events, such as workshops, mixers, or even full-blown conferences. Choose the type of event that best fits your needs and goals.

2. Plan your agenda well in advance. Make sure to include everything from speaker topics to break times so everyone can have their turn in front of the microphone or on the stage. This will help ensure that everyone has a great time and that all important details are covered.

3. Create a welcoming atmosphere for all participants

Q: What are some foreseeable difficulties of holding a hybrid event?

A: There are many potential difficulties of staging a hybrid event, including but not limited to:

- Determining which elements of the traditional and nontraditional events should be combined

- Balancing the needs of both audiences

- Creating a cohesive event experience

Q: Does hybrid events suit my business?

A: Hybrid events are perfect for businesses that want to offer their attendees a unique experience. By combining traditional and nontraditional events, businesses can create a unique atmosphere that appeals to a wide range of customers. Additionally, hybrid events are affordable and easy to organize.


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