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Fiona Pang Oct 5, 2022
Event Registration Form

Event Registration Form is more than just a google form - it is the first step of the event experience journey. 

Before attending the event, attendees are required to sign up through the event registration form for RSVP. This is a good time to leave a remarkable impression. Instead of using the good old printed paper form, more and more events are using online forms for in-person events as the data can be organized by the system. What about events that sign up online? How can you stand out from the crowd by merely using the registration form? This post will look at the registration form from an attendee's perspective and address the above problems. 

Recall your experience with signing up for membership. Did you feel comfortable filling in a long list of forms consisting of sensitive and unnecessary information such as HKID card no.? Keep your registration form simple and straightforward. Only include information that is relevant to your event. Another suggestion would be to include ‘register with Facebook or Google. Attendees, like everyone else, prioritize other urgent matters over filling in registration forms. If the registration process can be done in one click. With the one-click function, they won’t even realize the process until it’s done. Of course, if you wish to gather more information than what Facebook and Google can offer, you may customize your registration form. 

Here are some tips for you to follow while customizing your registration form. 

Registration Form

1. Start with easy questions 

Starting with general questions like name, age, and gender help to speed up the form and fill out the progress. Commencing with hard questions will only intimidate your attendees, and they will forfeit registering. Avoid asking questions that require typing. Keep them multiple choices or other simpler forms only.

2. Show the progress

A long form of several pages can be frustrating. Showing a tiny progress bar at the top or bottom of the page can motivate the attendees by giving them a sense of progress. Apart from visualizing the progress, page numbers can also be added to indicate the progress.

3. Remove the reset button 

What’s more frustrating than filling in a long-form? Accidentally press the ‘reset’ button and go through the questions again. To avoid this dissatisfaction, simply remove this function. You may also save the progress so that the users can return to the form whenever they are ready without losing all the typed information.

4. Make your form mobile friendly 

Not only does a computer version of your form matter, but being able to fill it out on the phone is also important because we all know that mobile gadgets are more convenient. Typing URL links or websites is out now. Try the QR code. It saves the trouble of inserting the wrong address and speeds up the process.


EventX saving you from troubles 


Building a registration form is more hectic than it seems. EventX can ease your pain. EventX offers user-friendly customization of your registration form. Not only can the attendees complete the form in one click, but you can also design your form effortlessly. Create your own branded registration form with logo and brand color, multiple ticket types for flexible pricing, and custom questions with us. Localization of the languages is here to ease the language barriers. 

Got different target groups? We heard you. Our devoted technical team can set up multiple registration forms to serve different target groups in registering for the same event. Multiple data, all organized in the same space. After gathering information in our database, we offer pre-event reminders, thank you emails, event updates, and more to your attendees. Connecting with your attendees is important as you have to grasp the opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Yet, automated emails do not count as most mailboxes may report them as spam. Do not overlook the significance of building a network with your customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Event Registration Form:


What is an event registration form?

An event registration form is a form that attendees can use to sign up for an event. This form can collect information from attendees, such as their contact information, dietary restrictions, and any special needs they may have. Event registration forms can be created using various software programs, and they can be customized to fit the needs of any event.

What is the best way to create an event registration form?

There are a few things to consider when creating an event registration form. First, you'll want to ensure the form is visually appealing and easy to understand. Second, you'll want to ensure the form is mobile-friendly so attendees can easily fill it out on their phones. Finally, you'll want to make sure the form is easy to customize so you can easily add your branding. EventX offers all of these features and more, making it the perfect platform for creating your event registration form.

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