4 Benefits For A Successful Virtual Orientation Program

Michela Yeung Jul 22, 2022

The success of all the virtual orientation programs depends on crucial factors. By following practices and special considerations, students will have a positive orientation experience and will be more likely to succeed in their university life. 

What is A Virtual Orientation Program?

A virtual orientation program is a program that allows new students to become familiar with the university and its campus before they arrive. Students can attend a virtual orientation in a simulated university environment. This also allows them to get a feel for the university before they follow.

What Are The Benefits of A Virtual Orientation Program?

The benefits of a virtual orientation program include:

#1 Reduced stress

Students will not have to worry about making the long trip to campus. They can join their virtual orientation program at their own pace. Without the time zone and location limitations, they can join the virtual orientation quickly by just sitting in front of the computer. Virtual orientation programs ensure students feel secure, safe, and welcome. Also, it helps students to navigate the obstacles of university life. 

#2 Better prepared for university life

Students attending a virtual orientation program will be better prepared for the university experience. They will have learned about the campus and the policies in place. Students will have more time to ask questions and get to know the people and the campus. With Q&A sessions, students can quickly solve their confusion about university life. 


#3 Improved student retention rates

Nearly 75% of students who attend a virtual orientation program retain their registration at the university they choose. This is because they better understand their options and what to expect from their university experience. A study from the University of West Georgia found that for a small liberal arts university in Pittsburgh, virtual orientation program rates student retention by 7%, bringing the school's retention rate up to 95% for the fall 2018 term.

#4 Higher graduation rates

The success of a university depends on the success of its students. The best way to help students succeed is to provide them with the necessary tools. A virtual orientation program provides these tools by providing an immersive experience with the campus and personnel.

How Do You Start A Virtual Orientation Program?

To start a virtual orientation program, you will need to:

- Contact the university’s orientation department to discuss your specific needs.

- Create a registration process that is tailored to your university and students.

- Make sure you have the necessary resources, such as a campus map and brochures.

- Plan for group activities and events.

What Are The Costs of A Virtual Orientation Program?

The costs of a virtual orientation program will vary depending on the size and type of the university. However, some expected costs may include:

- The cost of the program itself

- Equipment costs

- Staff costs

- Program management costs

Is A Virtual Orientation Program Right For My University?

It is essential to weigh the benefits of a virtual orientation program against the costs. If you think a virtual orientation program would be a good fit for your university, contact the orientation department to discuss your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Student Orientation Program?

  1. What is the Virtual Student Orientation Program?

The Virtual Student Orientation Program (VSP) provides a pre-college orientation experience for students who cannot attend a physical campus orientation. VSP provides an online forum and virtual campus tour for first-time college students. The program includes academic and career counseling, student services, and social activities.


  1. Who can participate in the Virtual Student Orientation Program?

Any first-time university student who cannot attend a physical campus orientation is eligible to join this orientation.


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