Gameover, E3! Why Industry Titans Are Going Solo With Their Own Events

David Lang Jun 9, 2023

Every summer, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, attracts the attention of gamers worldwide. However, E3 2023, scheduled for June 13-16, stands canceled, marking a pivotal shift in the industry's traditional event structure.

Industry behemoths like PlayStation, Microsoft, and Nintendo have progressively distanced themselves from the collective spectacle of E3, electing to channel their efforts into hosting independent showcases. This isn't a hasty, reactive decision but a strategic move steadily gaining traction over recent years.

Control stands as a compelling reason for this shift. Owning their showcases provides these industry leaders with comprehensive authority over their announcements and reveals. It's a direct, pure conduit to their audience, ensuring the message is delivered without dilution or distortion.

Flexibility follows as another persuasive rationale. These companies, unshackled from the E3 schedule, can design events that resonate with their unique needs and audience preferences. They are free to host online, physical, or hybrid events, thus providing more vibrant and personalized experiences.

Finally, we must consider the global reach. Through individual events, these game publishers can engage a global audience, shattering geographical constraints and logistical limitations.

A contrasting example to almost-30-year-old E3 is the only-3-year-old Summer Game Fest. The event has evolved to become a more diverse, engaging platform, involving various stakeholders from the gaming industry. We see game developers revealing and discussing their upcoming games, renowned streamers hosting gameplay demo sessions and thought leaders sharing insights on the future of gaming. This rich, high-quality content not only attracts but actively engages audiences, helping the Summer Game Fest thrive.

As the gaming industry landscape continues to evolve, the appeal of independence for big corporations becomes increasingly clear. As they chart their own course, big game publishers are redefining the event paradigm, marking the end of an era and heralding a new age of individualized, engaging, and globally inclusive gaming events.

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