5 Tips To Boost Your Workshop Attendance

EventX Jul 11, 2022

In today's digital age, learning can no longer be limited to a classroom setting. There are numerous ways to learn, such as reading books or watching tutorials on YouTube. Among the other options, attending a workshop may be more appropriate because you can interact with your peers and instructors simultaneously. This could be why workshops are becoming popular and generating more leads in your workshop sessions.

But first thing first, attendees are essential in workshops and can be more engaging when you take advantage of these five tips. By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your workshop participants have a memorable experience.

What are The 5 Tips to Enhance Workshop Attendance?

1. Plan your workshop ahead of time 

Planning is essential for the success of an online workshop. Clear outline and prepare for questions. You can create a more engaging seminar. For instance, You will need to define the topic to be addressed, how long each video will take, who will be the workshop instructors, and other details. At this stage, it is essential to think about the logistics of the course structure (such as how many videos will be included, what topics will be covered, etc.), as well as create a content script for an online course that must follow an order.

Instructors should set time and content limits for their classes to avoid overlapping. This way, each instructor can cover the material they are specifically interested in without overlapping. Other than the qualified and best-fit instructor, the background of the attendees is also a factor to be considered. Knowing which attendees will be attending directly impacts your objective for holding the workshop. For example, if your workshop aims to develop a detailed solution to a problem, you might want fewer key attendees (10 or fewer) to maximize efficiency. If your goal is centered on education, you may be happy with a much larger group (many more than 10), which can facilitate discussion in smaller groups.

2. Use online workshops 

Creating content for your online workshop is just the beginning. Hosting your workshop online can reach a larger audience and engage participants more easily. Like a website, there are a series of nuts and bolts on the backend that is necessary to create a dynamic online workshop. You’ll also need:

  • A responsive website
  • A landing page
  • E-commerce tools to sell and collect payment
  • Registration and sign-up tools for the workshop
  • Customer service and tech support

EventX’s workshop solutions provide an all-in-one solution to create a robust, state-of-the-art online workshop or course without breaking the bank or hiring an entire web development and production team. You focus on making the content, and we’ll help you with the rest. 

With EventX’s latest feature, “Attendee Generation,” you can invite your specific target audience group with customizable email templates with only a click of our magic button. No worries about the participation rate, as we guarantee to provide you with a qualified list of attendees.



3. Use audience engagement tools 

In EventX, we provide several functions and tools to engage participants during the workshop. Fun and interactive tools can engage your participants from the beginning of your workshop to the end.


1. We provide a chat feed allowing hosters and attendees to share the messages during the workshop in public and direct chat boxes on our EventX platform. Hosters and attendees can direct message others in the people list for the plain chat box. This tool can fully fulfill the interaction and conversation between hosters and attendees.

2. We provide a Q&A tool that allows attendees to raise questions, and the hosters and other attendees will be able to see the questions and answers on our EventX platform. 

3. We provide a polling function that allows hosters to increase participant engagement on our EventX platform during the workshop. Hosters can view poll questions and results in the toolbox.

4. We provide a video library that allows hosters to upload videos for live streaming and an on-demand session on our EventX platform that could be played during the workshops.

If you want to have a glimpse of our EventX platform. Please click here for the demo.

Other than the functions on our EventX platform, there are also quite many apps that could be used to increase participant engagement during the workshops. For instance:

1. Glisser

Glisser allows presenters to share slides to their audience’s mobile devices during their presentation in the workshop. This way, attendees can like, comment on, or share those slides on their social networks. In addition, attendees can download the slides for later reference or share them with colleagues back at the office.

2. Crowd Mics

Crowd Mics is an app that enables audiences to use their phones as wireless microphones. This comes in handy for events like workshops, where a roaming microphone is needed, and it works in conjunction with an ATOM box that plugs into the venue's wired network and sound system. The moderator uses an iPad app to control who speaks.

3. LoQuiz

Games and quizzes offer a fun and engaging way to engage an audience, with LoQuiz's integrated question library making it easy to set up quizzes and games. It is especially well-suited for events of all sizes, using GPS for outdoor positioning and a particular clue system for indoor question mapping.

4. Encourage more feedback from the participants after the workshop

Before analyzing participant feedback, the most crucial step is the way to collect the feedback from participants after the workshop.

1. Create a form. 

The form should be as short and fun as possible so that attendees would not feel so bored or think the format is time-consuming.

2. Introduce your survey at the beginning of the workshop

To help improve your workshops, let the attendees know there will be a session at the end for feedback. This way, we can get valuable insights that will help us prepare even more engaging and informative content in the future.

3. Ask the right questions

To help participants rate their satisfaction with the workshop, we asked them to answer a question about how well the workshop's organization and its content's usefulness matched their expectations.

4. Collect feedback as soon as possible

Post-workshop feedback should be collected soon after the workshop is completed, and respondents should be given access to a survey link during the course, reminded in person on the last day, and then reminded again by email within two days.

After the collection of the feedback from participants, you can start analyzing how to improve the workshop experiences for the next time.


5. Celebrate successes

One way to increase participant future engagement in a workshop is to provide desirable rewards for completing the session. Rewarding participants for their participation can create a sense of community and excitement. This can be done by offering participants an incentive such as a certificate or an award they can display as bragging rights. In addition, it is essential to ensure that workshop incentives consist of desirable rewards to your target audience, especially in a free-of-charge workshop session. Otherwise, participants may lose interest in this opportunity and see little value in joining the upcoming workshops.

Some great options include gift cards, certificates of participation and even making NFTs as a Gift.

1. Gift Cards

A popular way to encourage training participation is by awarding partners with gift cards for completing online courses. According to an Incentive Magazine 2008 survey, gift cards are perceived as a more unique form of reward than cash, which is why they are often seen as superior in training motivation. Many businesses use non-cash prizes, such as gift cards to motivate employees. Gift cards offer an easy way for people to spend their money guilt-free on special items they may want or need.

2. Certificates of Participation

A certificate of participation is an acknowledgment or proof of attendance at a workshop, seminar, or another educational event. They are commonly issued to participants as a token of appreciation for their time and effort. Certificates of participation can also be used as documentation in case of a dispute over who was present at an event. This might not be a compelling incentive to attract more attendees initially, but this certificate could be treated as a formal and official document issued by your company.

3. Making NFTs as a Gift

Making NFTs as a Gift in workshop

Bringing NFTs into the event process can be a way to engage with attendees and generate revenue. NFTs can be used in ticketing, sentimental items, and merch as well as the selling or transferring assets related to an event. NFTs are a way to save ticket stubs or conference badges in terms of ticketing.

NFTs are a great way to create pieces of unique art for each ticket that attendees will want to keep and be sure are authentic. They can also be used at other events to prove that an attendee was there, as companies can add a date, company logo, and photo or design regarding the event. Moreover, if not every attendee is interested in NFTs, organizers can use NFTs as tickets for VIP or higher-level attendees that allow them access to other extension areas.

Get to know more about how to make NFTs as a Gift in your workshops or events?

We have prepared an NFT solution for events for you.


Frequently Asked Questions About Workshop

Q: What is a workshop?

A: A workshop is a class that allows individuals to learn from one another in a structured setting. Workshops can be either formal or informal and can be held in various locations, including schools, businesses, and homes.

Q: Why would I want to take a workshop?

A: There are many reasons someone might want to take a workshop. For example, someone might like to learn new skills or information, meet new people, or improve their knowledge base. Additionally, a workshop can help individuals boost their career prospects by developing new skills or learning about new opportunities. In short: there are many reasons to attend a workshop!

Q: What are the benefits of attending a workshop?

A: Workshops are a great way to learn new information and skills in a safe and supportive environment. They can provide opportunities for growth, development, and networking, as well as give an insight into new perspectives or ways of doing things. Workshop attendees also often report increased satisfaction with their personal and professional lives due to participating.

Q: What should someone expect when attending a workshop?

A: Workshops are a great way to learn new skills and improve work efficiency. Typically, attendees will expect to spend time learning the material and applying it in a real-world setting. In addition, workshops can provide networking opportunities that can lead to new opportunities or collaborations.



Following these five tips, you can create a more engaging workshop that will improve participant engagement and data. Thanks for reading!



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