Event Check-In - best tips on making the most out of your RSVP experience

Max Li Feb 15, 2023
event check-in

Behind every great event is a tedious RSVP process composed of trivial matters like registration, check-in, and guest list prioritization.

Yet without so, the event would be congested at its initial stages, making this stage indispensable.

As the phase to display an initial impression for clients and customers, we will show you how to make the best of this mundane experience. 

Event Check-in

Streamlining the event check-in process

It is essential to consider visitor experience and event monitoring as fundamental aspects of an event; thus, we should eliminate potential obstacles that would obstruct our full regulation and control in these fields.

Streamlining the RSVP process is one way to minimize barriers, and the time saved could be better used to make final touch-ups or amendments for the main event. Below are some tips for the check-in process streamlining. 

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1. Review Past Data

Assuming your company/ team has experience in managing events, it would be a great idea to collect and review data from past events to facilitate comprehension of how the customers felt and market expectations.

Was there enough manpower at the counters, or what were the former barricades you encountered?

Reviewing and comparing data could paint a fuller picture for your next event, as it could generate more efficient strategic decisions in the future. 


Event Check-in

2. Staff Training

It is better to thoroughly train the check-in staff with the systems and procedures beforehand.

Being the first faces your company clients see, their proficiency matters significantly as it would affect their impression of your event and company.

They should be well-equipped with adequate knowledge of the rundown and platform operation for better time management alongside soft skills.

A stage-setting role must be eager and enthusiastic with visitors to construct a professional image. 

3. Guest List Prioritization 

Every event has its prominent speakers/guests and regular attendees.

A prioritized guest list could be created to help the staff identify the VIPs and avoid having them wait in the long queue.

You could have the VIPs arrive at a designated time and location and allocate a specific crew to accommodate them.

Their special treatment would make them feel valued and respected, boosting the chances that your company would get a good reputation for this. 


Event Check-in

4. Set Up Self Check-In Kiosks

With a sufficient budget, it is always a good idea to have machines replacing manual operation.

Self-check-in kiosks could decrease wait times to 13.5 times, greatly accelerating the overall process and saving manpower wherever needed. 

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Software Feature Highlights

Nevertheless, it is important to incorporate technology into your event as well. Many check-in systems nowadays possess various functions that could lubricate the bumpy RSVP process.

Not only would computerization minimize errors, but it would also be a much more organized system compared to the traditional pen-and-paper approach. Let's look at what different event registration apps and platforms provide! 

1. QR Code Scanning 

 Event Check-in

Most event registration apps include a QR code scanning function, where the client's data and information can be visible through a scan.

Granting clients a personalized QR code for entrance is much more error-proof and simple than paperwork, as it saves both time and effort in preparation.

2. Calendar Blocking

Calendar blocking or time blocking is a function that allows people to assemble their tasks more efficiently.

Instead of constantly fussing about what should be done next, the blocking method allocates each part of a day/ week/ month to a specific task, making the workflow more orderly. 

3. Data Synchronization

Real-time synchronization is crucial for events with many attendees since having every counter clear with the overall check-in situation is nearly impossible.

With real-time synchronization, the check-in staff can review the guest list effortlessly, exempting the process of gathering data from multiple lists from different counters. 

Event Check-in

4. Name Badge Printing 

Traditionally it would take much time to devise name badges for an event, especially if it is a large-scale exhibition or convention.

By using event management apps that provide instant name badge printing, a lot of preparation time could be saved, and it could also minimize errors such as typos or wrong data input. 

5. Facial Recognition

We all have experience using conventional check-in methods (passports/ ID/ invitation letters/ copy of email/ etc.) and biometric check-in approaches (fingerprint/ facial recognition/ etc.) at some point in our lives.

If not, compare the time required for someone to go through your documents page by page by simply looking into a camera.

Time and workforce can be immensely saved through facial recognition in the check-in process. Hence, the duration can be streamlined by incorporating such methods in your event's check-in session.        

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Case Study- How EventX Rationalized RSVP Time

Event Check-in


EventX has fruitful experience in handling RSVP experiences for various companies and organizations.

We had the honor of facilitating the Hong Kong Trade and Development Centre (HKTDC) 's Golden Jubilee 50th Anniversary, and the organizers were worried about long check-in time for guests and grueling manual work- we created a seamless check-in process for them through our instant name badge printing system, accelerating the process.

The Web Summit and Unidef had similar concerns before their events- they did not hope to see a massive surge of attendees in multiple locations without real-time synchronization.

We handled Web Summit 2015 by automating the process through instant name badge printing and QR code scanning, decreasing the check-in time by 97.5%. The check-in time per person was also reduced to 1 second at the Reimagine Education International Forum 2022.

No matter what your event is, EventX is always ready to soothe your worries and provide you with good tools and features to make it right. 

How Doing The Best RSVP Makes Your Event An Overall Success

All in all, these are some tips to ease your RSVP process when organizing an event. A smooth RSVP experience would leave clients with a good impression that your company is professional and apt.

We hope our tips are helpful and wish you the best at your next event!

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