Zoom vs Livestorm vs EventX: which one is the best webinar software?

Tiffany Tsui Aug 9, 2022

Are you looking for a powerful and affordable way to host your webinars? Do you want to know which webinar software is the best for your needs? A comparison between Zoom, Livestorm and EventX below helps you to decide which is the best webinar software. Read more about the features and price for each platform. 


General Features

General features EventX Zoom Livestorm
Time limit per session up to 2 hr on free plan; unlimited on paid plan up to 40 min on free plan; max 30 hr on paid plan up to 20 min on free plan; max 12 hr on paid plan
No. of attendees up to 100 on free plan; unlimited on paid plan up to 100 on free plan; max 50,000 on paid plan up to 10 on free plan; max 3000 on paid plan
On-demand webinars

Interactive Features

Interactive features EventX Zoom Livestorm
Breakout rooms / socializing lounge

(Zoom Meeting but not Zoom Webinar)

Emoji reactions

(on paid plans for Zoom Meeting and Webinar)


Promotional Features & Event Support

Promotional features EventX Zoom Livestorm
Customizable emails

(on Zoom Webinar)


(on Zoom Webinar)

Integrated ticketing

(on Zoom Webinar)


(on Zoom Webinar)





Zoom logo

Zoom webinar meeting screen

Zoom is one of the most well-known and popular platform and offers both Meeting and Webinar platforms for online events. For the Meeting platform, it allows meeting within 100 people and meeting time within 40 minutes on the free plan. It also provides a number of free features such as whiteboard, reactions and breakout rooms.

Specifically designed for webinar events, the Webinar platform can hold more participants (up to 50,000) and offers other features such as Q&A, email reminders. However, breakout room function is disabled, and the Webinar platform is a paid add-on for Zoom which costs $57.5 at its lowest, and is available to Pro or higher subscriptions only.


livestorm logo

Livestorm webinar meeting screen

Livestorm is a platform that offers wide range of features for holding webinars. Apart from interactive features, it also helps you in promoting your event with features such as customized emails and email sequences, built in social-sharing. However, the free version only allows limited live attendees and session time: 10 person and 20 minutes per session.


EventX Logo

EventX webinar meeting screen

EventX is a user-friendly webinar platform targeting clients from the Asia-Pacific region. It offers both interactive and promotional features such as socializing lounge, customized emails and email sequences, potential attendee list generation etc. In addition, it supports traditional and simplified Chinese and is not limited by the firewall in China, enabling you to reach out to Chinese clients easily. For the free plan, it supports 100 attendees and up to 2 hours of meeting time, the longest among all platforms. However, there is a 100MB limitation for on-demand webinars for the free plan, and analytics are available on paid plans only.


If you are looking for a powerful and user-friendly webinar platform, EventX would be the most affordable option. 


Frequently-Asked Questions about Webinar Software

1. What are the different types of webinar software?

In this article, Zoom, Livestorm and EventX are compared.

2. What are the pros and cons of each type of webinar software?

The pros and cons are compared above. Comparing the free plan, Zoom Meeting enables you to host up to 40 minutes per session with up to 100 people. Livestorm hosts sessions for 20 minutes with up to 10 participants. EventX is allows 2 hour per session with up to 100 people. By this information, EventX is a good place to start from.

3. What do I need to make a webinar?

You will need a webinar platform and speakers. Zoom, Livestorm, and EventX are all webinar platforms for you to try.

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