EventX partners with 3HK to provide One-stop Exhibition Solution

EventX Feb 13, 2023

EventX, an Asian-focused event SaaS company providing event technology and event management solutions for businesses and marketers, has announced a strategic partnership with 3HK. Combining the pioneering digital operator’s 5G network connectivity with EventX’s extensive experience in event planning and management creates a comprehensive one-stop exhibition solution tailored to the needs of corporate clients. This dynamic duo also merges EventX’s cutting-edge event management technology with 3HK's world-class 5G network connectivity to offer an unrivaled integrated solution for Hong Kong's exhibition industry

As part of its commitment to promoting the development of the exhibition industry, 3HK supports the "Hello Hong Kong" global promotional campaign. It works closely with the government to provide corporate clients with fully customizable solutions that meet their needs. By combining its 5G network capabilities with our expertise in managing events on any scale, 3HK can help power businesses across different industries by providing them with a reliable and efficient one-stop exhibition solution. 

The strategic collaboration between EventX and 3HK is expected to significantly enhance Hong Kong’s exhibition industry by providing organizations with an all-inclusive service package that covers everything from creating high-impact experiences to planning complex events. It will also bring improved efficiency, cost savings, and better scalability for exhibitors – ultimately driving more traffic and engagement from attendees. Furthermore, it will enable businesses operating in Hong Kong to easily find experienced event planners who can provide end-to-end solutions for their exhibitions.

The CEO and co-founder of EventX, Mr. Wong Cheuk-sum, also expressed his positive sentiment towards the alliance by noting that it will put Hong Kong on the global map as a hub for pioneering technological innovations. He remarked that through this venture, local companies would be equipped to leverage event technology to pursue their corporate goals and face the difficulties associated with conducting commerce during these uncertain times. Moreover, he is confident that this partnership will give them an edge when preparing for large international conventions and exhibitions to resume operations, as they will be able to provide remarkable experiences due to their extensive technological capabilities.

Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings' Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ku Sing-fai, stated his enthusiasm regarding establishing their partnership with EventX. He highlighted that through this collaboration, both businesses can offer corporate clients cost-effective services for planning exhibitions, which in turn can help them identify promising new business opportunities and stimulate the growth of the exhibition industry in Hong Kong.

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