5 Types of Must-Know Networking Events

Harry Chen Jul 1, 2022
Networking events

In 2022, everything starts going back on track after adopting the new norm of post-pandemic with the reintroduction of networking events. Networking events will be more important than ever when the format is no longer limited to physical but virtual and even hybrid.

Networking events can provide you with the opportunity to meet people from a variety of backgrounds and industries. Virtual informational networking events and meet-and-greets allow you to make connections with people from all over the country or world, without leaving your home.

Here are five types of networking events that you should attend in order to grow your business:

1. Professional Development Events:

Looking to keep your employees or guests up-to-date on the latest industry trends and skills? Professional development events can help you achieve just that!

By offering growth opportunities to learn more about the industry trend in such networking events, these events can help improve your employees' confidence and even lead them to the company. Attending industry-specific networking events can give you a chance to learn about topics that are important to your field or industry. Many event organizers plan time before the seminar for professionals to have casual conversations so that they can get to know each other better and build relationships during the networking events.


During the seminar portion, an industry expert teaches the group about a topic. For example, if you're going to marketing-specific networking events, you may learn about topics like social media strategies, copywriting techniques, or email marketing. Recently EventX has been holding networking events, discussing the rapidly growing hybrid event trend with marketers and event organizers from all around the world. This could be an outstanding example for marketers to mingle with new people and exchange new ideas about your industry in a casual but also professional setting. Be sure to check out our upcoming business networking or executive networking events in your own industry that fit your needs.

2. Business Networking Events:


Business networking events can provide you with opportunities to meet other professionals in your industry and learn from them. These people may be able to offer insights into what you should do next or help connect you with others who can provide helpful resources in business networking events.

Networking events are great opportunities to learn about new tools, resources, and trends in your industry. The key benefit of attending these events is staying up-to-date on what's happening in your field and discussing it with others who are also interested.

You form relationships when you interact with similar people in business networking events, often through events or after events. These relationships can lead to invitations to other prominent industry events or the opportunity for new introductions to other individuals who may be able to help you in your career.



3. Online Networking Events:

These types of networking events are perfect for connecting with other professionals online and learning about new opportunities that might be available to you. 

Attending online networking events is a great way to meet like-minded individuals and build connections with potential employers, employees, and business partners.

Online networking events are also a great way to meet potential customers. They can help you connect with others who share your interests, and you can learn about new opportunities that might be useful for your business around the world. Not just limited to a place, a certain group of people in an in-person networking event. Online networking events cover a wider range of people and potential opportunities.


4. Networking Drinks:


Networking drinks are perfect for networking with other professionals and having a few drinks in your hand to help you relax and network.

Networking is the process of connecting with others in order to build relationships and gain information or business opportunities. It can be done face-to-face, online, or in a networking drink event. There are many different types of networking events available, so find one that will work best for you and join in on the fun!

For EventX, we are going to hold networking drinks regularly. The latest networking drink will be held on 7th July. We will provide a guided experience for attendees to create their own digital wallets and give away an exclusive NFT for their attendance. Also, let attendees understand Web 3.0 and discover how EventX incorporates Web 3.0 into the next event and marketing strategies. 


5. Corporate Events:

Corporate events are perfect for networking with people from your industry or field. They can be a great way to learn about new trends and meet potential clients. Plus, you can enjoy the company of your colleagues and make new friends.

Corporate events are a great way to connect with employees or customers. If you have a role within an organization's management, marketing, or human resources departments, learning about events can help your career.

Corporate events or executive networking events can be used to educate employees or members of the public about concepts promoted by the organization, to motivate employees by rewarding them for their work, to celebrate various company milestones along with clients, employees, or both, to mark a significant organizational change within the company, and to encourage collaboration and networking among different entities.



Frequently Asked Questions About Networking Events

Q: What is a networking event?

A: A networking event is an opportunity for professionals to meet new people and form relationships. It can be a formal or informal gathering, and it can be held in person or online. Networking events can help you build your professional network and connect with potential employers.

Q: How do I find a networking event?

A: You can find networking events by searching online or through your regional business association. You can also contact local businesses directly to see if they are hosting any events in the near future. Be sure to check the dates and times of the event to ensure that it is convenient for you.

Q: What are the benefits of networking events?

A: There are many benefits of networking events such as strengthening business connections, getting fresh ideas, gathering industry information, and most importantly, know more about your competitors.

Q: How to initiate conversations at networking events?

Networking events provide an excellent opportunity to make connections with potential business partners and clients. However, initiating conversations with people you don't know can be difficult. Here are a few tips for starting conversations at networking events:

1. Be Personable: It's important to be approachable and friendly, regardless of how well you know the person. It will likely prevent you from making any connections if you come across as standoffish or aloof.

2. Ask Questions: One of the best ways to network is by asking questions. Not only will this show that you're interested in others and want to learn more, but it also gives you the opportunity to learn about the person's business firsthand.

3. Follow Up After Meeting: Don't forget to follow up after your networking event! Even if you don't end up booking any business placements or meeting new people, a follow-up email or phone call can still be helpful in building future relationships.


Networking events will be more critical than ever in 2022, and attending one of these events will help you connect with other professionals, learn about new opportunities, and grow your business.

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