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Renee Tsang Jun 18, 2021

Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. For you, though, these physical cards do more than present your contact information on paper. They also visually represent your company, displaying your brand’s identity and professionalism. However, it is time-consuming for finding your business partner in your bulky business networking. At this moment you need a retrieval badge scanner App for you to arrange them in your phone. Next time when you need to find your business partner, just simply search the keyword and everything will appear in a second.

What is lead retrieval and how it works?

It is a way to capture leads generated in an event, show or conference. It directly connects with the database which contain the attendee’s information and contacts. Event organisers also provide different solutions for event participants to capture the leads. For example, mobile app, handheld scanner are some commonly found ways. In this blog, we mainly focus on the lead retrieval app, which get the lead details by scanning the QR code or entering the badge ID manually.

3 Elements that a lead retrieval app should have

1. Convenience

In an event, participants always have busy schedule. Time is extremely precious in an event. No one want to lose a moment to capture more leads, since leads represent business opportunities. Therefore, event organizers should choose a fast and smooth lead retrieval app.

2. Accuracy

Lead retrieval app allows participants to get leads information from a database. Accurate information is important for every attendees to further develop their business and relationships among participating companies.

3. Follow-up functions

Event data captured can be used for generate business opportunities. An event app that simplify the follow up process is recommended. It allows further lead nurturing and marketing works.

Here is the list of 5 Lead Retrieval Badge Scanner App in 2020 and see which one is suitable for you to make it easier and faster.


5. Ativsoftware - EventPilot

Features: EventPilot provides collecting leads offline, accessing instantly, adding missing data, taking notes, exporting leads, backuping in the cloud, syncing across devices and it is completely free.

Pros From Users: “The aspects of the ativsoftware I like best are syncing across devices, which it can easily transfer from one tablet to the others and no matter in Apple or Android.”

Cons From Users: “It is easy to use but it is only usable when there is QR code.”

Pricing: Based on different plans and cases, lead retrieval function always accompany with other functions.

User Review: Base on , the overall rating is 4.7/5.

Value for money ★★★★  4.0

Features ★★★★  4.0

Ease of use ★★★★ 4.0

Customers support ★★★★  4.0


4. BadgeScan

Features: BadgeScan is a free, universal tradeshow and conference badge scanner for exhibitors and attendees. Quickly capture lead information by scanning a tradeshow badge’s barcode using the camera of your iPhone or iPad. BadgeScan lets you quickly capture lead information at tradeshows, organize potential customers into groups, add additional descriptive tags, and export the data in CSV format to Excel or your CRM system.

Pros From Users: “This app will scan most (but no all) tradeshow badges with 2D barcodes. Data is saved to excel and app itself has number of good features like tags and notes “

Cons From Users: “It is capture, integrate, convenient, Reliable! However, I am using Android phone, it cannot transfer data from my iPad to my phone. It transfer to CSV and transfer to my phone is so complicated.”

Pricing: It has different plans for lead retrieval functions.

User Review: Base on app store , the overall rating is 3.7/5. Around 20% participants give 1/5 rating.

Value for money ★★★★  4.5

Features ★★★★  4.1

Ease of use ★★★★ 4.0

Customers support ★★★★  4.0


3. Pathable

Features: Exhibitors can easily scan badges with their own mobile devices. Pathable’s flexible scanning tool can read almost any QR code, offering instant integration with your existing badge printing solution. You decide which exhibitors get to use the scanning functionality: distribute it to all or upcharge for increased revenue.

Pros From Users: “The ability for registrants to create and manage detailed user profiles, search others’ profiles, communicate securely with them, and even schedule meetings with each other against the calendar of conference events is incredibly robust for an off-the-shelf product”

Cons From Users: “Pathable is incredibly difficult to use. The meeting times shift without you shifting them yourself and the admin feature sometimes pops up and sometimes doesn’t..”

Pricing: It starts at $1000 as one time payment, and offer a free trial.

User Review: Base on , the overall rating is 4.2/5.

Value for money ★★★★  4.2

Features ★★★★  4.1

Ease of use ★★★★ 4.0

Customers support ★★★★  4.5


2. Integrate

Features: Use the Integrate Events app to collect accurate contact details plus important qualifying information. Use Integrate Events on your own device, to collect leads in different ways, and create a standardized lead capture process for all your events.

Pros From Users: “The interface is extremely user friendly. Moreover, the accounts of the company are eager to help and reliable in providing a good support for every activity.”

Cons From Users: “The reports could be more complete to help to evaluate in a better way the performance of the different campaigns.”

Pricing: It is a paid app for $ 9,995/year with  functions that Managing  clients with  functions and analyzing client.

User Review: Base on , the overall rating is 4.6/5.

Value for money ★★★★  4.0

Features ★★★★  4.3

Ease of use ★★★★ 4.8

Customers support ★★★★  4.9


1. EventX


Features: With EventX’s Lead retrieval & capture app, users can gain business network as simple as you can. Users may scan QR code on badges or business cards by using smartphone. All the data will be digitalized and captured in the phone immediately. Most importantly, EventX data protection and security system meets the EU’s new privacy law— the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) preventing your business treasure privately.


After using EventX, event organizers can print badges for every attendees, which contain a QR code. Event participants can scan the code and get the information directly. Meanwhile, it helps the check in process. It allows minimal effort on reception desk preparation. Just a second to print a name badge on-demand, no more worries about searching for the right one on the table or last-minute sign-ups.

Furthermore, EventX cares about the environment and makes a positive impact. Our badge printing machine obtains the FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council certification), ensuring that the paper used in its production comes from responsibly managed forests.


For lead capture, EventX also provides business card scanning function. It adopts the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to be the first layer of lead capturing and lead retrieval. We support double-sided card scanning to obtain the most comprehensive information.

Cons: EventX best works for event size more than 50 attendees.

Pricing: Free version is available with several marvelous features. Feel free to contact our sales team for detailed pricing or a custom quote.

User Review: Base on, the overall rating is 5/5 and 100% users have good experience on using EventX and positively recommended to friends.

Value for money ★★★★☆ 4.0

Features ★★★★★ 5.0

Ease of use ★★★★★ 5.0

Customers Service ★★★★★ 5.0

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