Badge Printing

Hassle-free Onsite Check-in Solution - Instant Badge Printing

Just a second to print a name badge on demand - no more worry about searching the right one on table or last minute sign ups.






Secure a smooth check-in experience for the attendees

With our cutting-edge check-in system, the check-in time can be reduced sharply

Customizable Badge Design
Name badges can be designed and created in advance based on users’ requirements.
On-demand Badge Printing​
Badges can be printed instantly on the date of the event for VIP and specific guests.
Scan QR code, Facial Recognition
Use QR code scanning and facial recognition to have a quicker and more streamlined check in process

Portable equipment for Event Organisers

Save your precious manpower and time to add value to your event. A smooth event workflow is essential for the company to display a professional brand image. In order to make an efficient and clear badge printing, we will provide high printing quality with the use of a portable machine for you.


Personalised experience for Attendee

Smart and seamless check-in experience with instant badge printing helps improve the satisfaction of attendees. You can create differentiated badges for attendees with QR codes included on them for better lead retrieval process.

Our Commitment to the Environment

At EventX, we do care about the environment and making a positive impact.

Our badge printing machine obtains the FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council certification), ensuring that the paper used in its production comes from responsibly managed forests. 

Why EventX

With almost 10 years of experience in the event industry, we are here to help you.


China Network Accessibility

Enhance your business' accessibility with the use of virtual events in China


ISO 27001 Certified

EventX was the first Asia-based event management software platform to obtain ISO 27001 certification.


SSL Encrypted

All EventX customer data is encrypted and transmitted via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology.


PCI Controlled Payment

EventX employs PCI Controls provided by Stripe, our official payment gateway partner.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Since May 25, 2018, EventX has complied with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy law.


Need clarification?

Why is the badge printing process important?

Registration is a key area for an event. Huge attendance check-in at multiple locations without real-time data sync and fast check-in may lead to a long queue.

How can instant badge printing help?

With our instant badge printing as well as automated check-in process and QR code scanning, check-in time can be vastly reduced.

Can I only print out the attendee name badge label without checking in the attendee?

Yes, you can. You can click "Print badge only" in the check in app to print out the name badge. Name badge will be then printed from the printer without a check-in.

What types of devices does Zebra Badge Printer Box support?

This box supports only black, dynamic printing and includes the following: 

  • 4 iPads 
  • 2 Zebra Direct Thermal Desktop Printers
  • 2 Routers

Are there any add-on services for Zebra Badge Printer Box?

Yes, there are add-on services for Zebra Badge Printer Box:

  • Custom-designed badge stock with color images and logos 
  • Double-Sided 4" W x 6" H Badges (This badge is 4'' x 12'' with a perforation at every 6")