Zoom vs EventX: Which is the best platform to use for online meetings?

Freida Feb 24, 2022

Being able to effectively host an online meeting isn’t complete without having reliable and efficient software to use as a foundation. With all the different kinds of online meeting platforms out there right now to choose from, you can easily get confused by all the different price points and features they provide. Zoom has been one of the most popular platforms to use ever since online meetings have become widespread at the start of 2020. But how does it stack up against EventX, the industry champion for event management software solutions in Asia?

How Zoom and EventX Stack Up At First Glance

EventX and Zoom share many features. They both provide features such as voice calling, screen and video sharing, and post-event analytics. But EventX provides some extra unique features compared to Zoom.

Pricing and Capacity

  EventX Webinars Zoom Meetings
Pricing $0 to $499 per no. of registrations per month (Also available On-demand) $0 to $19.99 per month per licence (with minimum licence requirement)
Capacity Up to 1000 Up to 1000 (with add-on)
Meeting Time Limit Up to 2 hours on free plan; 72 hours on paid plans Up to 40 minutes on free plan; 30 hours on paid plans
Voice Calling
Screen, Video Sharing
Record Meetings On paid plans
Networking lounges On paid plans
Automatic Mailing
Integrated Ticketing
Multi-language Support
Post-event Analytics On paid plans On paid plans
Customer Support Email/ Live chat Ticket/ Live chat

The chart below summarises the essential things you get with each EventX and Zoom plan. The main differences are meeting duration limits and capacity limits, with EventX’s virtual event & expo being the only plan that allows you to host very high-capacity events.

  EventX Lite EventX Pro Virtual Event & Expo
Price Free Free (until March 2022) On-demand
Group Meeting Max Duration 2 hours 72 hours Unlimited
Max Participant Capacity 100 1000 Unlimited
  Zoom Basic Zoom Pro Zoom Business Zoom Enterprise
Price $0 $14.99 per month per user $19.99 per month per user $19.99 per month per user
Group Meeting Max Duration 40 minutes 30 hours 30 hours 30 hours
Max Participant Capacity 100 100 300 1000
Minimum Number of Licences Required 1 1 10 50
Large Meeting Add-on

EventX charges based on registrations per event for their paid plans:

  • 100 attendees $79/month
  • 300 attendees $199/month
  • 500 attendees $299/month
  • 1000 attendees $499/month

Both EventX and Zoom provide free and paid plans, but EventX charges based on attendees rather than a subscription-based system. When using EventX, you can host events that last up to 72 hours or even ones that last longer than that, while Zoom caps their meeting duration at 30 hours. On free plans, EventX limits your meeting time to 2 hours, while Zoom limits it to 40 minutes.

EventX also allows you to host an unlimited number of events provided that it fits the maximum number of registrations. EventX currently has a promotion where their paid plan is free to use until March 2022, whereas Zoom doesn’t have any such advertisements.

This gives customers more flexibility as they can be charged less when they host a smaller meeting while retaining the option to host an even bigger meeting whenever they want to. Zoom on the other hand charges its customers on a per-user basis and has a subscription system. They also have a minimum number of licences required for their more significant events, with them charging a $50 premium per month if you want to host a meeting that has 1,000 attendees.

If your meeting doesn’t exceed 2 hours, EventX’s lite plan provides most of the features Zoom’s paid plans have while being completely free of charge. If you’re planning on holding meetings with over 100 attendees, EventX’s pro plan is significantly cheaper than Zoom while providing even more benefits. From this comparison, we can see that EventX provides substantially better value when compared to Zoom.

Automatic Mailing

Online Meeting Email

Keeping your attendees up to date on what’s happening at your online meeting is crucial. By using EventX you can easily inform all participants about the latest event updates with a simple click. You can also create an email journey consisting of invitations, confirmations and reminders with our customizable email templates, allowing you to add your own personal touch to make the emails feel more welcoming. 

Integrated Ticketing

Another feature unique to EventX is its integrated ticketing system. You can choose to add different types of tickets and charge attendees a fee for them via stripe, one of the top payment gateways in the world for ticketing. EventX also gives its customers the option to charge attendees in various currencies to better serve an international audience. Zoom on the other hand has no such system in place, customers wishing to charge an attendance fee for an online meeting will have to go through a third party or do it themselves.

Multi-language Support

One of the biggest advantages of using EventX over Zoom is its multi-language support. EventX understands that not everyone is well versed in English so they support a wide range of languages such as English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean. They also allow you to create multilingual automated emails with their automatic mailing system easily. They let customers translate their emails into traditional chinese, simplified chinese, japanese or korean so that they can better cater to a more international crowd. 

Customer Support

Online Meeting Customer Support

When using EventX’s paid plans, you get access to live chat support for all your events, with dedicated account managers for enterprise clients, which is why it receives a 98% customer support satisfaction. Zoom on the other hand also provides live chats, but you have to go up to their business tier in order to get access to help from their hotlines.


Both EventX and Zoom are great platforms to use to host your online meetings but EventX provides even more features than Zoom while giving its customers more value. EventX currently has a special promotion going on where you can try out our paid tier for free until March 2022, contact us today at EventX to try out our software and see if you like it more than Zoom!

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