9 Reasons Why You Should Host a Virtual Career Fair for Your Tertiary Institution

EventX Apr 4, 2022
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What is a virtual career fair?

Along the lines of any other virtual event, a virtual career fair takes place in an online platform, namely a computer-simulated environment. We provide you with a one-stop solution for just that. The development of virtual career fairs seems to echo the changing demands of both job seekers and employers, in an increasingly digitized workplace. For example, recent research shows that 47% of job seekers (in the United States) are using mobile devices in their search for a job in both their personal and workplaces or on their commute to work. In other words, hosting career fairs online can speak to such a trend. 


No matter you are organizing career fairs for your promising undergraduates or recent graduates, hosting these hiring events online can modernize the conventional recruitment processes, enhance talent matching as well as ensure a greater experience for all parties involved, namely you the organizer, the recruiting companies, as well as the student candidates. Sounds too good to be true? Read on to find out how it works.    


As the event organizer, you can…

1. Attract and engage overseas companies and students currently on exchange programs

Virtual hiring events can essentially break geographical constraints by connecting the recruiters and your students. Amidst multiple suspensions of face-to-face classes across universities, it’ll be great to flexibly deploy virtual or hybrid modes for your upcoming hiring events to prepare internship and career opportunities for your students, reaching out to a more globalized audience including multinational companies, students currently on exchange programs and international undergraduates stuck in their home countries under flight bans who wish to apply for or just browse about internships/job openings. Our one-stop event planning services vault you ahead to reach international companies, meanwhile, connecting job-hunting students with eager recruiters around the globe, essentially breaking geographical boundaries, venue capacity as well as social distancing regulations! How about that?

2. Simplify and streamline the entire recruitment process for easy handling 

Tired of physically vacating, decorating, preparing and resetting the auditorium, lecture hall or podium to set up the booths for your regular hiring events? We’ve got your back. From venue/booth setup, invitation/registration, multi-lingual support service, secure live chat to a virtual receptionist for instant Q&As, we are here to simplify and streamline the recruitment processes for every party concerned, the organizer, recruiters as well as students. We can assist you from the event initiation, execution to evaluation, count on us to host a successful virtual career fair like no other!  


3. Enhance your institution’s reputation

You can showcase your high-caliber students to the whole world and pitch them to renowned international corporations in a virtual career fair, thereby creating a virtuous cycle as there’s more exposure and opportunities for your students, the income median of your graduates or the ratio of them working in prominent multi-national companies may soar, together with your university image, as a cradle and birthplace for nurturing future pillars of our society, at the same time a trailblazer in embracing novel technologies and innovative ideas. 


As the recruiters, you can…

4. Set up and customize your booth with a strong brand image handily

A virtual career fair helps you secure the recruiting companies’ hiring experience. Just a few clicks away through our user-friendly and intuitive templates, employers can customize their own virtual booths to brandify their job openings. Other than downloadable basic presentations and materials, our virtual human receptionist is always available to resolve queries instantly, adding a human touch to the digitized experience. 


5. Sort skilled candidates with a click of a button

Just fill in your preferred skillsets then you are all set to sort, screen or search for the ideal candidates for specific job postings according to the graduating year, faculties, keywords on resumes or even academic performance like CGPAs. You can customise what are the compulsory requirements, so you can save time to find your perfect candidates from all the digitalized credentials! What’s more, candidates applying on a virtual career fair can already prove their basic tech knowledge and that they are well-versed with technology enough to handle the now prevalent home office or hybrid work model, which is exceptionally important in this new era of digitalization.  


6. Engage and make meaningful interactions with your candidates 

You can utilize one-on-one or group chats via text, audio or video on your virtual event platform to connect with your potential candidates to conduct interviews, Q&As or sharing sessions in your virtual hiring event. Then, you can know more about them apart from the certificates and CVs they have sent through, and this can significantly speed up the recruitment process, thereby matching ideal candidates to your job listings. 


As the job searchers, you can…

7. Search, sort, screen and save Asia-pacific/global job positions in one go

Through our optimized platform, no matter you are hunting for a graduate job or a student internship opportunity, you can search, sort, screen, save, bookmark and compare job positions in one go. It’s easy to compare, search and sort according to professions, salary range, industries, job titles etc to cut the time cost. In addition, platforms like us can make virtual career fairs easier to fit into Asian local markets. Further to marketing promotions and lead generation, we also give personal marketing assistance to boost a virtual career fair to an Asia-pacific or even global audience. Students must be loving all the multinational corporations at the event! 


8. Send your CVs and Academic proofs securely online

Everyone’s getting more concerned about their information privacy these days. While eager students share their resumes detailing their grades and skills as well as certain personal information like contact information, the security of the virtual platform is of paramount importance. Via our platform which is ISO 27001 certified, job searchers can safely, securely and effortlessly exchange documents with the recruiters, schedule online interviews, and send automated emails, as your personal data is encrypted and transmitted via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology. Employers and prospective hires can have peace of mind in transferring the CVs or possible contractual documents on our platform.


9. Speak to the needs of tech-savvy millennials and Gen-Zs

Today’s millennials and Gen Zs are doing basically everything on their gadgets and devices, and this modernized virtual form of hiring events just speaks to their needs, who make up nearly 50% of the workforce now. On a practical level, hosting a virtual career fair allows you to mass apply for multiple similar job openings all at once, sparing you the embarrassing detour around the physical booths just to make you look not as overly ambitious. Go for as many opportunities as you like on our virtual platform!



What are you waiting for? Reach global audiences, enhance the international reputation of your institution and optimize the matching of talents nurtured at your institution with the best-fit companies by hosting a tailor-made virtual career fair to achieve remarkable hiring outcomes! Contact us to redeem your free demo now. 


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