Zoom vs. Cvent vs. EventX: Review and Compare the best online event management platforms

Freida Nov 29, 2021

Event management is never an easy task. Therefore, event organizers would look for online event management platforms that help plan and organize the event efficiently and save time and staffing. With different kinds of online event management platforms to choose from, check out this review and compare guides to renowned event management options. 

Review & compare: Zoom vs. Cvent vs. EventX

Features EventX Webinar Zoom Events Cvent
Free version
Chinese version
Minimum pricing Free USD 99 / month Customized
Online registration
Online ticketing
Auto-mail to participants
Event analytics Paid plan
Maximum number of attendees Unlimited Depends on plan N/A
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EventX: Online event management tool with 98% satisfied users

EventX takes the first place for a reason: compared to the other 2 platforms, EventX comes with a comprehensive service. Whether it’s an offline, hybrid, or an online event, EventX chatbot, their customer success support, is here to help with an average of 15 seconds response time. You’ll have full support from event management experts from the event landing page till the end of the event. The customer success supports for EventX, EventX Pro, and Virtual Event & Expo are efficient and helpful. Apart from that, for pre-event management, including attendee management, ticketing systems are automated on EventX. Organizers can get data such as the number of visitors to the event registration page, number of attendees, and daily updates. This simplifies the online event management process for event organizers. You can also set different pricing for the ticketing system on EventX and earn from your event without having to jump back and forth from the payment gateway and event management tool.

In addition, EventX also comes with various features and pricing, including a free version. EventX Pro is free of charge until the end of 2021. Try now and save up for your next event!

Zoom: Famous video streaming platform that supports virtual souvenirs 

Zoom has become the most popular online event platform since the pandemic. The platform has also developed and launched various new features recently. One of the most attractive features is Zoom’s event hub, where organizers can create their hub to blast out the latest updates to your event attendees. In addition to the feature, Zoom Events also supports virtual souvenirs, where attendees can get mechanizes and donate, making online events more like a physical ones.

The downside of Zoom Events is it doesn’t offer a free version at the moment. The minimum subscription is USD 99 per month, which might not be affordable compared to other online event management platforms.

Cvent: Full features with location limitations

Compared to EventX and Zoom, Cvent has the most features for an online event management platform. You can get almost everything for hosting an online event, including attendee management and ticketing systems. Cvent also comes with data analytics to get a better understanding of the performance of your event.

Despite the great features, Cvent’s nearest location is in Singapore, meaning that it would be difficult to localize the event and get instant technical supports. Cvent also doesn’t support the free version at the moment. You’ll also need to schedule a demo session via customer support before setting up an account, and this might not be very convenient for users who are interested and are not in the same time zone. 


Before deciding which online event management tool, try to compare different tools based on your needs and budgets. Of course, it all comes down to the number of your attendee and whether the platform is user-friendly. If the platform takes a lot of time to learn and get used to, it might not be worth the time for busy event organizers. 

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