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Hazel Siu Jan 3, 2022

A webinar is an online seminar. It lets you present to anyone in the world digitally. You can send invitations to people to attend in real-time, record the webinar session, and share the recording with those who registered but could not participate in the live event. In the meantime, you will be collecting instant feedback from attendees that you can use to do individualized outreach.

Moreover, you can hold a Question & Answer session in your webinar to immediately respond to any audience questions or issues. If all this information looks overwhelming and you still want to know more about a webinar, why we conduct it, and how, read on!

What is a webinar?


A webinar is a combination of web and seminar. A webinar is a digital event only joined by people online. Of course, it requires an internet connection, which makes it different from a webcast, which involves a live audience. There are many names of webinars, such as web events, online seminars, and virtual events. And the primary purpose behind them is community building.

A webinar is an online video workshop, presentation, training session, or lecture carried via a webinar platform such as EventX. These meetings, which are usually relevant to business, can distribute knowledge, give updates, and share ideas with people worldwide. Webinars can also create and improve connections, institute brand authority, and promote a product.

Online participation:

Participants can view and listen to the speaker(s) via audio and video feeds while watching webinars. You can join it on a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. Besides the live video visuals, PowerPoint slides in rhythm with the rest of the presentation can be televised. A screen capture feature lets you show your viewers whatever you want to present in audio/video/image/PPT format.


A webinar is an interaction meant for a presenter to deliver a speech to a vast and beset audience present online from a single location. Communication during a webinar can be extremely beneficial and do a great job in community building if done right. Smart tools are vital for focused engagement, especially when many people are in the audience. As a result, a webinar provides a variety of interaction opportunities such as:

  • Ask a question
  • Games
  • Chats
  • Tests
  • Call-to-actions
  • Surveys

Benefits of Hosting Webinars

There is no doubt that webinars are gaining massive popularity. Why would it now? It is a technology that makes communication simpler while maintaining high quality. There are many benefits of webinars; here are some of them.

Convenient to attend:


Attendees can access a webinar from any convenient location, such as their home, café, or office, ultimately saving their time, effort, and money of traveling to a specific conference venue or place.

Wider Reach:

Webinars can be attended by anyone, no matter what part of the world. So, lead generation becomes accessible than ever. Webinars make it easy to reach out to their target audience globally, as long as they have an internet connection and a device. Businesses are no longer restricted to just promoting their product to potential clients within their geographical reach but can also access people from beyond borders and oceans with the help of good webinar software.

Interaction with your target group:


A webinar has many exciting features, such as chats, polls, calls-to-action, and PowerPoint slides/videos/images display. The stronger the impact of your communication, the more cooperative your webinar is. There would be an increase in community building.

Seamlessly recorded:

Just like other broadcast types, you can record a webinar as well. It gives your target audience the freedom to watch the webinar anytime as per their schedule. A webinar recording delivers almost the same understanding as a live viewer because it is designed to be watched on screen, which is not the same for live presentations.

How to Create a Webinar?

Are you planning to hold an online event that will appeal to potential customers and lead generation? To create a great webinar with EventX that will work in 2022, follow the guide given below.

Step 1. Brainstorm the right topic


Before you start expecting how your webinar should go, you must choose a topic to talk about.

The topic you choose must be interesting for your target audience, address questions, and be as specific as possible. Such as organizing an event on marketing, you must manage answers to what, why, and how.

Step 2. Finalize the Webinar Format

Step two is to finalize your webinar's format. The best way is to select a format that efficiently communicates your content while engaging your audience. The webinar can be four webinars: Single Speaker, Interview Format, Question and Answer, and Moderated Panel Discussion.

Step 3. Produce the content


Once you have decided the topic and format to present, you will need to generate content for your webinar, which mainly depends on the type of webinar you are conducting. Does your topic best suit a PowerPoint presentation with talking heads or, should it be a live panel discussion where the audience can chat in the chatbox? Answer such questions and prepare content. The most crucial step is to keep in mind the lead generation, so your content should be based on it.

Step 4. Choose the webinar platform


This step is more vital than all to select the best webinar software. Webinar software platforms offer many features to individuals and organizations in various ways, from instructing pupils to advertising a product and selling. The software's price, functionality, and convenience of use are the main things that determine a software's worth.

EventX is one of the software that you help you! It is a virtual platform for digital communication. It has all the tools you need to sell products to your potential clients or progress your company's core communications with videos.

EventX offers the features as a webinar platform with a free subscription, allowing you to conduct meetings and webinars to assist you in getting things done faster.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can also hold webinars and digital meetings with only a few clicks. Once you have got everything set up, send your audience the link to sign up and attend the webinar from their browser.

Step 5. Promote your webinar

Now that you have completed the backend work, you must make sure you have enough attendees. To make sure your broader audience, you can design a landing page where people can sign up for your webinar and then promote that link in various ways to promote it.

Moreover, it is quick to get an idea of how many active attendees you have; you can get instant feedback. The technique is beneficial in both ways.


Creating a webinar is such an effective method to communicate with potential customers in an increasingly digital world. But the Webinar software largely determines its success. To communicate better and make the most of the meeting, you need easy-to-use software such as EventX. It helps you in building community and getting instant feedback quickly.

Q & A

Q: Why do I need a webinar?

A: A webinar is a great way to communicate with your audience and keep them up-to-date on the latest information. By hosting a webinar, you can easily create an interactive experience for your participants, and keep them engaged throughout the event. Furthermore, webinars are a great opportunity to attract new leads and customers.

Q: How do you do in a webinar?

A: 1. Before a webinar, you must make sure that you have all of the materials that you will need. This includes your presentation, questions for participants, and any slides or other visuals that you may be using.

2. Once everything is ready, it’s important to get started on your presentation. Make sure to pace yourself and stay on point throughout your presentation so that everyone has enough time to ask questions at the end.

3. After your presentation is complete, it’s important to answer any questions that participants may have. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible so that everyone can understand what happened in the webinar and what they can do next in order to improve their event marketing efforts

Q: Tips for a successful webinar

A: 1. If you are hosting a webinar, make sure that you have a clear and concise agenda so that attendees know what to expect.

2. Be sure to provide participants with relevant materials before the webinar begins, so that they are prepared to ask questions and participate fully.

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