4 Key Benefits of Organizing a Virtual or Hybrid Graduation Day for Your College/University

EventX Apr 11, 2022
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Graduation - one of the defining moments in life

As the saying goes, “every ending is a new beginning”. A successful graduation ceremony can certainly create some of the fondest memories of the class, at the same time lure prospective students to your education institution, be it a college or a university. Graduation day, or finishing school (12 long years of free primary and secondary education in the case of Hong Kong), is often viewed as one of the (re)defining moments in life. We know just how significant it is, and we provide an end-to-end solution for all your in-person, hybrid as well as virtual graduation events. 


Hybrid graduation ceremony

Wish to host an in-person graduation day but eager to boost reach, exposure and engagement? Transform it into a hybrid graduation ceremony! This should be a way for you to gradually embrace the new normal in the age of digitization. A hybrid graduation day has the best of both worlds, presenting a customized mix of virtual and physical experiences so that you can optimize event accessibility as well as real-time engagement with families of your graduating students around the world while retaining face-to-face interactions on-campus for the locals. Turn over a new leaf and grow together with us, witness how attendance can be boosted by up to 43% for hybrid events! 


Virtual graduation ceremony

It goes a step further to have the entire graduation day hosted on an online platform, namely a computer-simulated environment. No matter you are organizing graduation days for your high school students or fresh university final year students, hosting these ceremonious events online can introduce a modern touch, enhance global reach and meaningful engagement as well as ensure a seamless experience for all participants, going virtual is your go-to solution. 

Bid a fond goodbye to your graduates in a tech-savvy form of professional graduation day with a mix of virtual and physical experiences. To put it into the perspective, we have distilled 4 benefits as the key takeaways. 


  1. Attract and accessible to overseas family members of the graduates

Virtual graduation events can essentially break geographical constraints by connecting the families of your graduates all around the world. It’ll be a lot more flexible to deploy virtual or hybrid modes for your upcoming graduation day, reaching out to a more globalized audience, including the family members of international students. Conventional in-person graduation ceremonies, very often, are to be done on separate days or sessions, with a very limited number of guests the student can bring into the hall, mostly 2 guest tickets which has since caused a lot of drama, due to the physical venue capacity. And these are true even before social distancing comes into effect. However, hosting it online via our one-stop event planning services can spare your graduates this trouble and they can invite as many as they wish, including the friendly neighbour next door, to share the event link and share the joy of graduation!  


2. Ensure meaningful engagement with quality video live streaming

We empower 1080P HD stunning audio-visual quality to capture the laughter and tears in the graduation ceremony and ensure a stable and strong network connection to savor some of the fondest memories. Remember sitting too far away from the stage in that physical graduation ceremony while you struggled to squint your eyes and spot the pride of your family among the crowd? Or that time when you missed the best joke of the touchy-feely speech given by the valedictorian? This won’t be an issue anymore. Everyone can enjoy quality video live streaming with the best angle possible. To optimize engagement, especially for the overjoyed family members during the graduation ceremony, you can also enable instant on-screen emojis to hype up your virtual event, balancing the solemnity and dynamism of this grand occasion of the year! 


3. Keep the dialogues going, enable playback and build a strong alumni support network 

Make your graduation ceremony a memorable and remarkable finale of splendour meanwhile promoting long-lasting dialogues and fostering meaningful connections to the alumni network, thereby promulgating your university’s brand image to the world! Utilize our one-stop platform to set up real-time interactive chatrooms with just a few clicks by each academic discipline to keep the buzz going long after the actual graduation day while strengthening the graduates’ sense of belonging to the university, their Alma Mater! There’s a diverse lineup of event tools and capabilities for you to choose from, like setting up “hall of fame” photo booths or breakout rooms for close group sharing, inviting outstanding class representatives for a success story sharing session from time to time, and customizing access to designated classes, faculties or even societies! Host your graduation/convocation ceremony and keep an HD recorded copy like a time capsule for participants and their loved ones to rewind at their fingertips. 


4. Enhance reputation with a customized and immersive landing page

Via an online platform, you can obtain full control and support from customizable 3D hall venue setup, ceremony streaming to automated emails across different faculties, at the same time unlocking immersive audience experience and unleashing all event possibilities with unprecedented technologies! Other than building a 3D venue, consider a “face-to-face” graduation ceremony with the latest VR technology with avatars tailor-made to suit your needs, dressed in a graduation gown for a party in the metaverse. A dance to welcome an adventurous thriving future and celebrate the graduates’ academic milestone by offering them an immersive experience on a new stage -  embracing virtuality as the new reality.



You’re just a few clicks away from organizing a graduation ceremony like no other. Host this grand finale online and open a new exciting chapter for your institution, too! Get your free demo to a Virtual Graduation Day now, or explore more about general virtual events. 


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