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Vive Sync - VR Meeting and Collaborate Solution

Vive Sync is the next generation of meeting and collaboration solution. It enables people to work remotely and feels like they are in the same room. It is a revolution for virtual event users in the industry.

With Vive Sync, you can easily customize your own avatar, create private meeting rooms, and work face to face with your colleagues around the world.

globalEasy to Manage & Secure

paymentGreat ROI for Hosts & Sponsors

maintenanceSeamless Setup

networkingMaximize Networking

“VR has the power to improve the world, and at HTC VIVE we strive to create the tools to expedite VR adoption — using not only our VR devices but also computers, tablets, and smartphones — and interact with each other in an effective manner."

“This collaboration will result in EventX bringing virtual and hybrid event experiences to a totally new level of immersion and interactivity.”

About EventX

Founded in Hong Kong in 2014, EventX is one of Asia’s leading providers of digital event management solutions for enterprise businesses. It allows companies to multi-host virtual events of any kind with innovative features such as interactive exhibition halls, online registration forms, and webinars. Precise reporting and data analysis are provided for brands to track and understand their audiences. With teams in multiple territories, EventX currently caters to 135+ countries and has organized 20,000+ events with 5+ million attendees, making it the best end-to-end platform for any organization to broaden its audience.




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