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Recap: Exclusive Joint Webinar on ‘Event Trend in Thailand’

The joint webinar from EventX and iMab on ‘Event Trend in Thailand 2021’ was held successfully. This is a great milestone for EventX, marking our commitment to building business relationships in Thailand and across SEA.

It’s been an exciting year for EventX, with accelerated growth amid the booming global demand for virtual events. Event organizers in Asia and South-east Asia have grown fond of this new event trend and interested in the technology behind it. With virtual events becoming the talk of the town across SEA, EventX is proud to be the subject’s thought leader in Thailand.



In mid-March, the company co-hosted a webinar with the International Board of Digital Marketing (IMAB), an exclusive partner of EventX in Thailand. The webinar event, titled “Event Trend in Thailand 2021,” was a gathering of knowledge and an exchange of opinions between event experts. Things kicked off with EventX CEO, Sum Wong, sharing the latest findings on virtual event adaptation in South-east Asia. Another key presentation was made by Dr. Amon Phong Wachiramon, Director of Vertex Cosmo Company Limited, on best practices for virtual events in the medical industry. The full webinar can be found here.



This event was an important milestone for EventX, marking our commitment to building business relationships in Thailand and across SEA. Our dedication to this mission was shown through every step of our process, be it the EventX platform’s Thai language functionality or the setup and post-event management support services our multilingual team was able to provide. By constantly adapting and improving, we hope to provide great opportunities for event organizers and exhibitors wishing to expand their business worldwide without any concern of language or time zone barriers.

We serve our clients with the highest standards and that secret sauce is why leading companies and major trade bodies in Asia choose to work with us. Talk to us if you want to be the exclusive partner of EventX in your territory.

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