Learn How Alibaba Event Marketing Technology Has Changed the Game for their Brand

alice chan Jun 18, 2021

“We need a more efficient event flow.”

As a multinational giant, Alibaba holds numerous events each year for the purpose of networking and branding. Through these events, the company can maintain valuable connections and develop new networks at the same time. When hosting these events, a smooth event workflow is essential for the company to display a professional brand image.

Efficiency is always the main concern when it comes to event hosting in Alibaba. In the past, we usually needed a lot of manpower to support onsite registration and name badge distribution for attendees and it usually took up a lot of time.

Rick Ng Business Director (Hong Kong and Macau), Alibaba Group

This reveals the need for Alibaba to make a quick switch in their event management system. Of course, technology is always the best solution.

Everything is better. Starting at the Registration Counter.

After adopting the event management technology by EventX, Alibaba was able to witness transformative changes in their event workflow. Andy Leung, Assistant Marketing Manager (Hong Kong and Macau) from Alibaba Group said that EventX was like a boost for event efficiency. Before the event, the company enjoyed a more streamlined registration process. During the event, the onsite check-in process was made smoother and faster with EventX’s tools.

EventX saved our staff a lot of hassles in helping attendees check-in and finding the right name badges. With the QR code scanning and instant badge printing technology, the check-in process is a lot more efficient.

Andy Leung Assistant Marketing Manager (Hong Kong and Macau), Alibaba Group

As a result, the whole event flow is smoothened as there are no more queues at the registration counter waiting to be checked-in.

Other features That Our Client Likes

As mentioned by Andy, there are several features of EventX Alibaba likes the most. He highlighted the Teammates function, which allows teammates to manage the attendees collaboratively. Also, with the onsite arrival notification function, they can be notified about their clients’ arrival instantly at the event. So that they can make interactions with their valuable clients correspondingly. They also found the Email & SMS notification a powerful function as they can update attendees on event details by just a few clicks.

Make Event Success Measurable

It could be difficult to measure an event in the past as an event usually ends as it physically ends. However, EventX is able to provide you with insights from event data. As Rick stresses on, Alibaba wants the value of their events to be something measurable. By using the reporting function, the company was able to track on event data like real-time attendance rates, which is helpful in providing actionable insights for future events.

Want to Archive Event Success Like Alibaba Did? We Are Here to Help

Great events don’t just happen. It takes efforts to make every stage smoother and faster. And we are here to help to make this happen. EventX provides a package of digital solutions to help you to smoothen every stage of your events. Want to archive what Alibaba did? Act now.


Q: How can corporation manage their online events? 

A: A multinational giant like Alibaba must have a well-oiled event workflow in order to maintain a professional brand image. Events can be difficult to plan and manage, but with the help of an event management company, everything can run smoothly.

Q: How to leverage corporate brand image using event management platform? 

A: EventX is able to provide you with insights from event data, which can be helpful in providing actionable insights for future events.We provides a package of digital solutions to help make your events go smoother and faster. If you want to archive what Alibaba did, act now!




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