Here’s How a Scientific Conference Became the Hottest Virtual Event in Indonesia with EventX

David Lang Jun 18, 2021

Quick Facts:

  • Event Nature: Virtual Conference  

  • Duration: 3 days

  • Attendees: 4,700+


About the ACPPPS:

The Indonesian Pharmacists’ Association or Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia (IAI) is the largest association of Pharmacists in Indonesia. Every year, they host ACPPPS or the Annual Conference on Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Sciences, a science conference, and exhibition for medical professionals and practicing pharmacists in Indonesia.

ACPPPS moved to a virtual venue in 3 months

live streaming in acppps annual conference

For the last 5 years, ACPPPS is running as a physical event in Indonesia, but as the pandemic hit it needed to quickly adapt to a new virtual venue.  To do this, IAI needed a stable virtual events platform that can work with slow internet speed and manage a large number of audiences. 

They are also looking for a fully-integrated events platform with capacities for event registration, public event access, and reporting. In 3 months after they chose EventX, they managed to seamlessly move online to host their first virtual event by November 2020.

IAI used virtual event solution as an educational experience to their attendees

IAI used EventX’s virtual event solution to create an interactive online conference and webinar experiences that allowed attendees to network, live-stream different event speakers, and participate in virtual booth exhibitions.

1. Lobby

virtual lobby of acppps

2. Multi-webinar

acppps agenda in virtual annual conference

3. Virtual Booths

acppps virtual booth

4. Scientific Poster

content of scientific poster in acppps virtual annual conference

5. Exhibition Hall

virtual exhibition hall of acppps

The results:

More than 85 renowned speakers and medical experts graced the event along with President Joko Widodo as their keynote speaker. It also successfully exhibited some of the largest medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies like P&G Health, Phapros, PharmaQ, OGB DEXA, and PT HGI.

live streaming in acppps annual conference

In terms of audience reach, they managed to overachieve their target number of participants by 36 percent, attracting more than 4,700 attendees. Later, this figure was recognized as the “Annual Scientific Conference and Virtual Exhibition with the Most Number of Participants” given by Museum Rekor Dunia-Indonesia or MURI. 

MURI is an Indonesian museum that recognizes local record achievement in their field of expertise.

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