7 reasons Why You need Online Events in 2022

Hazel Siu Mar 10, 2022
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People have always enjoyed attending physical events, such as concerts and sports games. However, there are now many online events that can be attended by anyone, whether they are home alone or part of a large group. Some events are held in virtual reality, which means that participants can experience the event as if they were actually there.

The adoption rate of online events has been increasing at a rapid pace due to the pandemic. 2 years after the pandemic started, things seem to be slowly going back to normal, yet the risk of another outbreak always looms over our heads. There are many reasons why you should host an online event: Developing relationships with customers and networking with others can now be easily done online but those aren’t the only reasons why you should host a virtual event. Below are some of the key reasons why you should host an online event:

1. Higher Attendance

online events attendance

Most people want to attend events in order to learn more about different topics, and industry insights, and network with other people. However, due to scheduling conflicts, most people are only able to go to a few events every year. Virtual events are perfect because they allow attendees to listen in from the comfort of their own homes.

When hosting in-person events, attendance numbers are usually restricted by the size of the venue, with current social distancing restrictions further decreasing the maximum number of attendees you can have. Attendees do not have to worry about getting infected in the event. 

2. Time Savings

online events time saving

One of the most time-consuming things when it comes to hosting in-person events is finding a venue, negotiating prices, setting up the venue and recruiting and training staff to help attendees. In contrast, hosting a virtual event is just a matter of a few simple clicks.

EventX provides an easy-to-use interface along with features such as auto-generated event registration pages, inbuilt customised registration forms and automated email drip campaigns to blast out invitations via the EventX platform. 

3. Lower Costs

Venue costs, travelling costs, staff costs and hospitality costs quickly add up when you’re planning a budget for an in-person event. By making it virtual, you eliminate a significant chunk of those costs which can then be used on other things such as advertisements or better equipment. The primary cost when hosting a virtual event is the fee for using the hosting platform along with ensuring that everyone has a decent microphone and webcam.

Once you have the right equipment, EventX handles the rest. EventX provides 1080p HD video quality to create an immersive experience for online attendees, dedicated account managers and live chat support for all their events. This is why EventX has a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

4. More Customization for a Better Experience

There are some things you just can’t do with in-person events, such as having fantastical booths at exhibitions. Hosting a virtual event means that you can create a more personalised journey for attendees such as eliminating long wait times in lines by using the attendee’s own data to recommend booths or webinars for them to visit and attend. EventX allows exhibitions to display, brand and style their virtual booth the way they want, with payment gateways integrated directly into the booths for instant transactions. EventX also allows marketers to create an automated email journey with its customizable email templates so that attendees will be sent personalised invitations, reminders and thank-you emails.

5. Better Data, Analytics, and Lead Generation

online events data analytics

With in-person events, it’s hard to gauge what a person’s preferences are and what seminars or booths they would like. With virtual events, there’s a treasure trove of data as from the moment an attendee signs up, you will be able to start collecting data on their behaviours and their preferences which can then be used to further recommend them to sign-up for other upcoming virtual events.

EventX collects data starting from pre-event to post-event, giving its users the ability to see things such as event attendance reports and event conversion funnel reports. All this data means that marketers can more clearly grasp what individual attendees prefer, know the statistics of webinar sessions and landing pages and understand the conversion funnel of their webinars, allowing them to create targeted deals for attendees.

Lead generation is also easier when you host a virtual event as all their personal information is already stored with you when they sign-up, allowing you to contact them more easily afterwards to see what they thought of the event and what products they would be interested in. EventX accelerates your sales pipeline with their lead generation engine and lets you focus on converting leads rather than finding them and brings down price-per-lead while improving the quality of your contacts. This is why EventX’s customers have seen an 89% boost in event lead conversion rate.

6. Content is Available On-demand

Once an in-person event is over, attendees won’t be able to revisit previous content easily. With virtual events, all the content is digital and can be easily accessed and saved. You can also use recorded sessions as a tool to follow up and remind attendees of what they experienced. EventX also allows your virtual events to retain long-term lead generation as they allow you to record your webinars and have them be streamed on-demand. These recordings allow attendees to revisit previous topics and get them excited for your next events and clips of the events can also be edited to be used as promotional material for future events.

7. Hybrid Events are the Best of Both Worlds

online events hybrid event

Hybrid events provide attendees with the option to attend events online or offline, allowing you to reap the benefits of hosting a virtual event while still retaining face-to-face interactions. Hybrid events also allow for more sponsorship opportunities as hybrid events are able to reach 2 large audiences at once.

EventX allows you to host your hybrid events locally while allowing people from around the world to join in globally, this not only saves on travel costs but also boosts attendance by 43%. Attendees can join webinars that are streamed on-site, with those who weren’t able to make it able to revisit it on-demand at a later date. By hosting hybrid events through EventX, you’ll be able to double your event returns at the same cost.


In conclusion, hosting an online event not only saves costs and boosts attendance, but it also gives attendees a better experience and allows marketers to collect more data and improve their lead generation. By hosting your events through EventX, you’ll be able to boost your attendance rate by 43% and increase your lead conversion rate by 89%! Contact us today to try out our services and see how we can improve your lead generation and make your next online event a success!

Q & A 

Q: What are online events?

Online events are a type of online content that allows users to attend and participate in live events. Online events are typically organized by a third-party company and can be accessed through an online platform. Online event platforms offer users the ability to create an account, view event details, and register for the event. Online event platforms also provide tools such as chat rooms and questionnaires to allow participants to communicate with each other during the event.

Q: What are the advantages of online events?

A: There are a few advantages to using online events instead of traditional ones. One is that online events can be more interactive and engaging for participants. They also tend to be cheaper and faster to set up, making them a good option for smaller events. And finally, online events can be tailored specifically for the interests of participants, making them more relevant and engaging.

Q: How to organize an online event?

A: When planning an online event, it is important to keep in mind the various factors that will affect how smoothly and successfully it will run. Below are a few tips to help make your event go off without a hitch:

1. Plan Ahead: Make sure to plan your event well in advance, as the more time you have to plan, the less likely there will be any last-minute problems. This includes not only coordinating dates and times with participants but also ensuring that all necessary software is available and up-to-date.

2. Choose a Good Platform: When choosing a platform for your event, it is important to consider what kind of audience you are hoping to reach. Some platforms are better suited for public events where participants can see and interact with one another. 


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