Top 5 Virtual Event Ideas & Use Cases

Freida Feb 14, 2022

Virtual events are surging in popularity over the past 2 years. Wonder what you could do with virtual events rather than webinars and Q&As? Check out the top 5 virtual and hybrid event ideas! Leverage virtual events and bring valuable virtual event experiences to your customers. 

Virtual summit

Similar to the in-person conferences, virtual summits feature speakers from different fields, a variety of session topics, and product demos. The main goals of hosting a virtual summit include lead generation, brand building, and creating long-tail content. The benefit of hosting a virtual summit does not end once the event is completed, since you can make sessions, keynotes, and other highlights available on-demand for anyone to access online. Simply ask them to provide an email address and you can continue to generate leads. 


The InterSystems Global Summit, hosted by InterSystems, was a virtual summit in 2021 that aimed to share insights on bringing technology information and peer interaction. The virtual summit included keynote presentations, featured focus sessions, and panel discussions. Keynotes and focus sessions are available on-demand after the virtual summit was completed. 

Virtual conference series

A virtual conference series is a large-scale event that spans multiple days or even weeks. This allows attendees to pop in and out of the event whenever they wish. The host can also break up various events and content into more digestible formats. Attendees can sign up for either part of the virtual conference, or the whole series that you offer, giving you and the attendees a more flexible choice for a virtual event experience.

Apart from creating audience engagement and lead generation, hosting a virtual conference series generates valuable data from your attendees, which you can analyze and use to improve your product and services. Nevertheless, you can take content from the virtual conference and break them into chunks, so you can repurpose the content into other parts of your marketing strategy. 



Ad World 2021, a 3-day virtual conference dedicated to marketers seeking to explore the latest marketing strategies and trends, was held on 27-29 October 2021. The all-in-one event includes hyper-focused speeches, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions. The event also allows attendees to sign in to the event afterward, so they can recap the highlights and resources from the event. 

Virtual networking events

Virtual events don’t have to be all about learning and product demos. It can also be a great opportunity to expand your network and connect with like-minded people. Be it virtual happy hours, virtual lunch, or breakfast, virtual networking events aim to stay connected virtually and to bring people together by fostering a sense of community.



Society of Women Engineers hosts virtual happy hours every month. The organization provides great opportunities for like-minded people to gather and a place for their members to explore their professions. 


British American Business (BAB) hosted BAB Networking Virtual Happy Hour last 2021. They provided a chance for their community to make new friends and connections, as well as to relax and enjoy an after-work drink without having to go out. 

Hybrid events

Hybrid events combine the power of in-person events with the convenience of virtual events. With the best of both, hybrid events are more flexible and interactive. Attendees can choose to attend the event in person or engage in the event virtually. Similar to a virtual summit and virtual conference, hosting a hybrid event is a great opportunity to get brand exposure in the industry, as well as lead generation. 



#FinCon21 launched their hybrid event last September. The event offers opportunities for content creators to network, no matter if they attended in person or virtually. Virtual audiences were able to interact with in-person attendees using video chats and messaging. Apart from that, the event showcased exhibitions, podcasting, and sessions for content creators to share their insights in creating personal finance content on the internet. 

Virtual trade shows and expos

Virtual trade shows and expos are mainly about showcasing products and services, without the cost of traveling, lodging and shipping expenses. Attendees can also learn more about the latest trends and updates of the industry without having to travel to attend the event in person. Because of such convenience, hosting a virtual expo can generate leads from around the world. Despite the tactile engagement you might lose with a physical expo, a virtual expo is still a great way to expose your brand and products. 



Virtual Travel Retail Expo 2021, organized by Moodie Davitt Report, was a 5-day virtual event, with exhibits, workshops, panel discussions, and showcase platforms dedicated for exhibitors. The event featured a 6-week encore period for attendees to access the materials, while exhibitors can continue to get visitor analytics. 

Key takeaways: Choose the right virtual event format

Virtual events break the limits of physical events, with more flexibility and interactivity for both the attendees and the hosts. On the other hand, it takes time to discover which virtual event idea fits your business and brand. Before getting your hands dirty on planning your virtual events, keep these into your consideration: 

Consider your goals

Take some time to identify the goal of your virtual event. Are you launching a new product and in need of showcasing your product? Or are you using the virtual event as an opportunity to gain brand exposure? Your goal and expected outcome will be the main factor when you consider your virtual event type.

Do tons of research

We suggest doing research on what other companies have been doing, both inside and outside your industry. This is essential as you will discover what might work best for your next virtual event, and the best practice that works for others. Apart from that, you can also take some time and research your target audience, be it an informal poll, email, or casual conversation. In this way, you can craft better content and meet their needs so you can create a successful virtual experience. 

Pick the right virtual event platform

There are plenty of virtual event platforms on the market. If you are looking for platforms that come with minimal features, there are softwares that come with barebone features and are free of charge. If your virtual event idea requires more set-ups and technical support, picking the right virtual event platform can save you time and resources. Do some homework and compare various platforms based on the event goals you want to achieve. 

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