Webinar Marketing 101: How to Maximize Benefits with Webinar Marketing

What is webinar marketing? How can we fully utilize this marketing strategy? Here we have gather everything you need to know in this article. Read now!

Got new business strategies rolling for 2022? Time to empower your business and expand your audience base with webinar marketing. Follow EventX’s guide on how to plan and promote a memorable and entertaining webinar that boosts your brand and generates new leads.

What is webinar marketing?

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With the right webinar marketing strategies, hosting webinars is a great way to reach your target audience. A webinar can be a one-to-many lead generation event. Top-of-funnel thought leadership events, on-demand demonstrations, deep-dive panel discussions, and sales pitches are common in webinars. 

Apart from hosting the webinar and creating engaging content for your audience, webinar marketing also includes interacting with your audience with a landing page, marketing automation that keeps your audience engaged, and nurturing your audience through the sales cycle to generate new leads and sales. For digital marketers, webinar marketing is a data-rich opportunity for in-depth target audience analysis.

How does webinar marketing help your business?

1. Webinar marketing attracts conversions


Hosting webinars is an opportunity to prove how your product can tackle your audience’s problem. Instead of simply introducing your product, give your audience a sneak peek of how you can help. Some audience members may even be ready to make deals with you after the webinar, especially if the webinar addresses their needs and problems directly. Even if you do not convert all your attendees, they can still walk away with solutions, and you can keep them in the loop with CRM tools.

2. Webinar marketing is great for audience engagement 

Webinars are more powerful than social media feeds. Webinar marketing allows you to engage with your audience in real time. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can see and hear each other. Because of this extensive level of engagement, you can build deeper relationships with your target audience and greater customer loyalty. 

3. Webinars leave impressionable brand and product messages

Hosting a webinar is a great way to stand your brand and product out from the crowd. By sharing a preview of what your brand does and how it benefits the public, you can raise brand awareness and introduce your brand to more people. Sharing industry-specific insights can also build authority and expertise in your niches. 

4. Webinar marketing works across the entire customer journey


Whether they are existing customers or new leads, attendees from your webinar can definitely benefit from attending the webinar. Not only can you engage and reconnect with loyal users, you can also take the opportunity to attract new followers. When planning your webinar marketing strategies, loop in existing customers in your CRM cycle to continue developing strong relationships with them.

How to make webinar marketing work for you

Pick the right software

To host a successful webinar, you will need a great virtual event and webinar hosting platform. There are various options on the market, including free software that offer bare-bones features. To maximize the potential of your webinar, pick the right webinar hosting platform with features that include CRM tools, email automation and full analytics for attendees to save time and resources in managing your webinar.

Check out our ultimate guide to comparing different event management platforms.

Craft your webinar content


When setting the topic or what will be covered in your webinar, always think about what your audience would like to learn from you. If you are not sure, spend time researching topics are trending within your audience group. Apart from finding out what your audience would want to learn during your webinar, crafting content for a landing page that captivates your audience is also essential. 

Promote your webinar

Since the webinar is an online event, digital marketing plays a crucial role when promoting your webinar. Always start marketing early and give yourself time to get the word out about your webinar. Choose the right social media platforms where most of your target audience would spend time on. Take advantage of organic and paid ads to reach as many people as possible. If you have an email list on hand, make good use of the list and message your subscribers, existing users, or old leads about your upcoming webinar and why they should attend it. 

Engage with your audience

Unlike physical events, where people actually need to make an effort or schedule ahead, people might forget about your upcoming webinar after signing up on the landing page. This is where email automation comes in handy. Once people have signed up for your webinar, engage with them proactively (but not excessively) by keeping them interested and excited about the event. 

During the webinar, be sure to engage with your audience in real-time and provide the best webinar experience that your attendees will not forget. The best way to engage with your audience is by asking them questions. EventX’s Webinar Tool has various interactive features where you can get instant responses and interactions with your audience.

Follow up and analyze


Once you have completed the webinar, post-webinar follow-up is crucial for maximizing the conversion. Here is a quick checklist of what you can do: 

  1. Send a thank-you email: Send a thank-you email to your attendees and include a post-webinar survey so you will know what they think about the webinar.
  2. Follow up with absent attendees: Do not forget about your absentees! Get in touch with them again and send them a link of the deck, or highlights of the webinar.
  3. Go through webinar analytics: Get insights and analytics from your webinar hosting platform so you will know what works well and what doesn’t. Improve on it so you can form the best practice for your product and your target audience.
  4. Keep your attendees posted: Once you have completed a successful webinar, your attendees would probably want to attend the next one. Keep them posted and send regular updates on your upcoming webinars.

Webinar marketing can be one of the most effective marketing tools in the digital era. Not sure how to do it right? EventX is your ultimate solution. We offer a step-by-step guide to hosting a successful webinar. From creating an online event, promotions and email automation, to hosting webinars and post-webinar analytics, we’ve got you covered!

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