4 Tips to Optimize Global Reach and Real-time Engagement at a University Virtual Information Day

EventX Apr 7, 2022
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How important it is to host an information day?

An information day, or an open day, exhibits the academic prowess of your faculties/departments/societies, showcases the tireless rigor of your research fellows, while demonstrating the overall image of your university to all prospective students, their families, as well as potential professors, lecturers or staff members. 

According to a research titled “Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of the University of the Future in a Society 5.0: A Maturity Model”,  “student recruitment, new learning methods, social innovation to be perceived as relevant to the community, employability, knowledge transfer, and others, these factors started to become CSF based on the university's strategic plans” (Disterheft et al. 2015). In short, the admissions performance of a university can have a direct correlation to its level of success. Information day can thus be seen as one of the most important events at a university, and a successful one can benefit the university in many conceivable ways. 


Limitations of a conventional information day

However, organizing a conventional open day can be time-consuming and costly, with a rather limited reach. On the one hand, there’s inevitably a campus-wide setting up overhead cost, coupled with venue constraints and complicated logistics arrangements, it can be quite a daunting and expensive task to launch a face-to-face information day. On the other hand, participants are bound to be limited to locals-only, given the exorbitant accommodation and travel expenses the overseas visitors have to bear, on their own. Don’t worry just yet. Let us introduce to you the digitized solution now. 


Virtual information day as the tailored-solution

Similar to any other virtual event, a virtual university information day takes place in an online platform, namely a computer-simulated environment. We can provide you with a precise one-stop solution. As an expert in virtual event planning, we can guide you through the initiation, execution and evaluation phases, at the same time modernize, revolutionize and digitize the admissions process while optimizing the reach and engagement to the global prospective students and professors. Of course, if you wish to embark on a more progressive modernization ride and keep some of the face-to-face elements of your open day, you can always begin with the hybrid mode to enjoy the best of both worlds!  


4 Tips to optimize reach and engagement

The 4 key ideas of a remarkable virtual open day begin with the letters O, P, E, and N, essentially making the tips as memorable as your virtual/hybrid events!  


1. Open to all, including Asian-pacific and the global audience

Our all-in-one platform empowers multi-lingual support that facilitates communication across the funnel and channels. Have every piece of invitations, admission talks and booth materials translated across Asia-Pacific regions and distributed collectively, tailored to the prospective students' or professors’ preferences! Speak to them, in terms of the digital platform and also in their own mother tongues, and get ready to meet potential talents from all over the world. Broadening your reach is the first key to a successful information day, which can possibly internationalize and also diversify your university further, too.  


2. Promote a professional and innovative university image to the world

With poise, grace and confidence, be a ground-breaking trail-blazer to embrace the inevitable new trend in this vast and infinite information highway with us. This digitalized mode of virtual open day event can be a selling point to your university in itself, manifesting how open-minded and innovative your institution can be. 

Moreover, Information Day is when and where the tertiary education journey of your potential students begins. First impressions matter. Impress your prospective Gen-Z students born in the digitized age with a professional virtual platform to imprint a lasting image of innovative professionalism. That’s why our team has developed an array of venue templates with a high degree of customization so that you can add your unique university emblems, values, mottos, mascots and brand image to your very own landing page to attract more high-flying, aspiring students. 


3. Enhance real-time and meaningful engagement

Admission talks are vital for potential students to consider if your university is the right fit for the upcoming years before stepping into society. Hold live faculty webinars, admission talks, sharing sessions from outstanding alumni, one-on-one or group program consultations at virtual networking tables, polls, chats and even Q&As online, with instant interactions enabled to make the attendees feel more cared for! Give potential students a chance to roam around the immersive 3D virtual campus before the semester begins, enjoying a 360-degree virtual tour with interactive avatars as helpful guides to locate classrooms, libraries and cafes where they later may leave real footprints and form unforgettable memories. Don’t forget to put up rich content such as videos and clickable banners in the virtual venues on your open day for optimal engagement, meaningful connections, real-time feedback and unparalleled visitor experience. 


4. Navigate stably, securely and freely on the one-step online platform

We are the first Asia-based event management software platform to obtain the ISO 27001 certification from the Information Security Management System, what’s more, all our customer data is also encrypted and transmitted via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology. Protecting your data is one of our top priorities. Besides, to ensure accessibility to worldwide audiences, we proudly present you with China network accessibility, sparing you the hassle and endeavoring to keep your virtual university events on the same platform and apps, despite possible network limitations in China.  With our exclusive Virtual Event Solutions, no additional VPN is required, it’s on us to secure the same seamless event delivery and experience in China! 



Level up your admission events and information day by hosting them virtually! We know just how important and what does it take to organize a successful open day. Remember the 4 tips above for your upcoming open day and OPEN up to a whole new world of prospective students and exciting opportunities! Talk to us to learn more. 


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