Manage Your ROI Wisely Through a Comprehensive Virtual Event Platform

David Lang May 24, 2021

2021 is in full swing and we’ve officially entered the Year of the Ox. But to really kick off the year with a bang, it pays to consider if it’s time for a change. That’s why at EventX we decided to offer everyone a fresh start, to try out our services, and save some on what they’re spending for virtual events.

This spring, if you switch from your current virtual events provider to EventX, we’ll not just meet any amount they’re charging but we’ll slap a 15% discount on that price, providing savings all the way up to USD3,000.

Yes, you read that right. By signing up with Asia’s leading virtual events platform, gaining access to our specialist knowledge of the region and our localized services they will actually be paying less

But what hoops do virtual platform customers (that want to switch and save) need to jump through? Well, none. Look, no one likes hassle, and we don’t do it. For them to save on any current virtual event spending they’re shelling out, all EventX needs to see is a quote from their vendor with supporting documentation. Simple. On switching to EventX, they’ll then be discounted 15% on whatever they were paying, with any quote over USD20,000 being discounted the maximum of USD3,000. That’s a promise.

So why wait? Do it now I say! We’re running this offer just for the duration of Q1. If anyone curious switches before Q2, they’ll be covered, as long as their first planned event takes place in the following six months from signing up.

And for those of you who haven’t tried out virtual events with their company or brand, today is truly the perfect time to start. Our massive growth in 2020 is not just a matter of the world being on lockdown; virtual events are a revolution in motion, Covid-19 was just the spark that got everyone to realize it. I’d advise contacting our great EventX sales staff for more info on how virtual events are the future of events themselves.

So get your 2021 off to a better start than your 2020. Seize a preferable ROI and superior service to what you’re currently getting. Make sure your Year of the Ox rocks.

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