A Webinar Platform Like No Other

The EventX webinar platform provides an avenue for imparting valuable knowledge and skills in a safe and accessible online environment. Combined with the webinar hosting platform’s built-in engagement tools like breakout rooms and polls, you can bring the energy of a live event to the screens of users attending your webinar!

Lead Generation

Generate leads and engage with customers instantly in a new way.

Community Building

Connect with your audience without the boundaries of time, space, and even under COVID.

China Network Accessibility

Reach out to the audience in China readily and steadily in a stable network without an additional VPN.

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A Start to Finish Webinar Hosting Platform

Our webinar hosting platform is more than just a channel for imparting knowledge. Packed with features that are designed to make your webinar hosting experience more engaging and accessible for your attendees around the world, our webinar software is built to be an all-around solution for your webinar needs. Experience the following features when you use our webinar hosting platform:


Our webinar software has massive potential as an investment for businesses and organizations. Equipped with different settings depending on the nature of the webinar, our webinar hosting platform provides the optimal setup to reach your clients and attendees wherever they may be.

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Lead Capture

Nervous about attendees and awareness? Our Lead Capture feature helps you reach potential audiences with minimal effort and hassle through our built-in lead generation engine. EventX boasts of up to 89% lead conversion, so you can be certain that your webinar is never going under the radar.


Live Streaming

Expecting a large audience but want to keep the attendees of your webinar hosting small? Utilize our built-in livestreaming function to make your webinar more accessible on your desired social media platforms while still moderating the attendees of your virtual event with ease.



Boost customer loyalty by engaging with both Chinese and global networks and communities through our virtual webinar hosting. By utilizing our polls and Q&A features, you and your team can help the brand establish stronger rapport with loyal fans and followers while converting new ones in real time.


Breakout Rooms

Our webinar hosting platform boasts of excellent opportunities for engagement, allowing attendees to funnel into smaller breakout rooms for activities and discussions. Provide a meaningful and intimate avenue for your attendees to exchange ideas and knowledge about what they learned from the webinar!


Event Analytics

Create data-driven webinar strategies and comprehensive reports based on the event analytics that our hosting software can provide. Receive in-depth data on your webinar’s attendance and engagement that you can use to create better, more engaging webinars with your team in the future.


Compare EventX with other webinar tools

Features EventX Webinar Other webinar tools
One button lead generator
Automated email invitations
Customizable emails
Automated event registration page
Chats, polls, Q&As
Interactive networking functions
Local customer support
Experience as an attendee Request a Demo

What did our client say

Hosting weekly webinars on EventX opens up a lot more opportunities for me to reach clients across the sea. What I love the most is the video quality - high definition, great smoothness and low latency. If I have to describe EventX team in 2 words - "Continuous innovation".

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Owen (Uncle)
Design Director | U&S studio

Why Choose EventX?

A webinar platform can be more than just a channel for knowledge – it can be a data-driven source of insight, a venue for conversion and engagement, and a valuable lead generation tool. The EventX webinar software is a powerhouse platform that does all these and more. Partner with EventX today for a dependable webinar platform that boosts conversion and webinar attendance from anywhere, anytime.

Events anywhere, anytime, for anyone.

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