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Haley Wong Jun 18, 2021

During the period of coronavirus pandemic, more and more virtual events are available now. Resourceful event professionals are putting more effort in how they use livestream to increase their reach. The most important is that the budgets are not too big, since there are different inexpensive technologies and tools. There are multifarious ways to host an online event. Here are some suggestions to help you build your event.

Reason to host a virtual event

Promoting your company and building your brand are the objectives for all events.  Both type of events contain their own advantages. For a virtual event, it allows attendees to break the geographical constraints and to have communication with people from all over the world. It allows you to get in touch with a wider audience, and it is easier to track what attendees are interested in.

Before decide to make your event virtual, consider how well your targeted objectives can be achieved virtually versus in-person, and what can be gained from it.

New ideas for virtual events

So how can you translate your in-person event experience into something valuable for people online? It’s all about using the format to give attendees what they want. There are different ways to host your virtual event, or turn your event virtual.

  1. Virtual Career Fair
  2. Virtual Product Launch
  3. Virtual Open Day
  4. Virtual Exhibition Fair
  5. Virtual Trade Show
  6. Virtual Education Fair
  7. Virtual Onboarding Fair

Virtual Career Fair

Virtual career fairs allows different organizations to have interviews with potential talents. It also can list out all the job requirements and positions on a job board, which is more effective to collect resumes. It is also a great medium for recruiting employees, because it provides a platform that neglect the geographical boundaries. It promotes the possibilities to get higher quality of human resources, by reaching more potential employees.


Virtual Product Launch

It is effective to promote a new product and sell it to a new market. It introduce your product to a global audience, an increase prospective customers. Virtual product is more effective to promote with the help of interactive tools. Different elements can be added in audio/video chat or presentations.


Virtual Open Day

It is effective to reach more potential attendees or generate more leads. For example, with a virtual open day, universities can reach out to a global pool of prospective students. It also allows interactions between the organizations and the event attendees. Different documents can also be accessed to let more attendees to collect information. For example a virtual open day can let universities to have a global pool of prospective students.


Virtual Exhibition Fair

It is effective to increase awareness of your brand to the intended audience. It also allows organizations to sell products during the event. Some features such as chat tools, webinars, video vault can be used to keep the attendees engaged


Virtual Trade Show

There are different types of virtual trade shows. For example, virtual fashion shows, virtual motor shows, and virtual food shows. It can be classified according to the industry. It is effective to capture leads effectively and showcase the products.


Virtual Education Fair

Education fair enables organizations to exhibit themselves in order to increase the awareness of public. It is an opportunity for organization to showcase their cultures and values. It enhances the brand building and hence generates more value from it. Different elements such as chat tools and booths are commonly seen in education fair.


Virtual Onboarding Fair

It is effective to have information sharing and employee training. It lowers the training costs for the organizations and decrease the time-to-productivity of new hires. It mostly help organizing employee at any location to access the event by logging in. Several documents can be accessed. Virtual onboarding fair is a solution for the employees all around the world.

Become virtual

In times of uncertainty, when your attendees aren’t sure they can make it all, online events are a smart way to connect with your attendees and ensure human connection is not lost. 


Q & A

Q: How should I plan for a virtual event?

A: There are a few things to consider when planning a virtual event. One is the type of event you want to hold. Whether it’s a webinar, an online chat, or an interactive forum, there are options available to meet your needs. Second is the size and scope of the event. How many people will participate? What kind of content will be included? And finally, how will you manage and track attendance?

One way to plan for a virtual event is to create a schedule of events and make sure that each one is filled with content that viewers will find valuable. This means including Q&A sessions, demonstrations, and other interactive opportunities. You can also include video recordings so that viewers can revisit important points later on. Finally, make sure to keep track of

Q: What are some challenges during a virtual event?

A: Some challenges during a virtual event can include difficulties coordinating meeting times and locations, dealing with potential Internet or software failures, and ensuring that all participants are able to see and hear one another. Additionally, it can be difficult to establish ground rules for communication, etiquette, and behavior in a virtual setting.

Q: How to promote my virtual events?

There are a few ways to promote your virtual events. You can use social media, post flyers in public places, and send out email blasts to your email list. You can also create a website and post event information, as well as photos and videos. It's important to make sure that you provide enough information for people to find and RSVP for your events.

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