Hybrid Events: 3 Things You Should Know About

Hazel Siu Jan 7, 2022

As long as we think of the modes of events, what immediately comes to our minds would be either physical and virtual. In fact, there is a third type called "hybrid," in which it can only take place online or on paper but not both at once like with traditional meetups that happen near you!

As novel as amateurs may not know, there's actually a new type of event that is gaining popularity. These hybrid events are primarily used for conferences and trade shows but can also be employed in webinars or exhibitions to make them more appealing.

Are you interested in learning more about the prevalent trend of events? Keep reading to find out.

Definition of Hybrid Events

A hybrid event is a perfect opportunity to engage with your attendees on a both live and virtual level. With new technology, you can sync content for those present in person as well as online so that they all have an experience similar to one another.

Depending on the set-up and cost, virtual attendees should be able to hear the presenter, view the presentation slides, and even see the presenters in real-time via live streaming video. In most cases, in-person and virtual attendees can participate in the same session concurrently.

Reasons to Host a Hybrid Event

The most obvious reason for the growing trend of organizing hybrid events lies in their ability to break down geographical barriers and time constraints. With live streaming videos, participants can watch an event remotely even if they're not physically present on-site at any given moment during said program's duration

On one hand, the attendees can reduce the cost of traveling to the venue, especially when some events are held overseas. On the other hand, the event organizers and speakers can also engage with the audience easily, as those who join the event virtually can leave their comments and voice their opinions in real-time.

Advantages of Hybrid Events

The benefits of an event organized in a hybrid format are many, with improved ROI being one major advantage. It can also help attract new sponsors and participants who may have been overlooked or deterred from attending your event by the more traditional approach! These are the precious returns that organizers can gain through the event.

The most valuable data that event organizers can get is the performance evaluation. With comprehensive information on participant numbers, engagement rates, and other attendees' activities for an entire day or week; you will be able to clearly see how your events are going during each stage of production as well as pave a path for future successes with this knowledge in hand.

Examples of Hybrid Events

1. Apple Special Events

Apple Special Events is an annual event that Apple has hosted since 2006. The company chose the mode of hybrid events because it can ensure a wide range of audiences from across the world can get hold of the latest information of Apple’s newly launched products every year.

2. Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World is a large hybrid conference for digital marketers to gather and exchange information. There are more than 100 of the world’s social media experts to share the advertising strategies and skills in content marketing with attendees from all over the globe.


Hybrid events are the future. They allow for greater flexibility and reach while avoiding physical limitations that come with traditional venues or courses already in place! This mode of events will continue to become more popular as we move forward into an era where our needs change constantly - so why not take advantage?

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