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EventX Apr 22, 2022
EventX Virtual Event

Stepping into the second year of the post-pandemic era and the social distancing measures, it has undoubtedly changed our lives, and the same goes for events. In the face of unforeseen outbreak risks and various virus mutations ahead, hosting in-person events has become unimaginably tricky, where the landscape of online events emerges.

We can see how the trend of online events evolves and expands - the latest survey by Linkedin, “Virtual Events-a new reality”, reveals that 85% of the EMEA organizers say they have organized an online event in 2020. Statista also reports that 40% of the marketing events are expected to go online in 2022. Virtual events surely catch up to in-person events as a new normal.

Reliable and efficient software is the foundation for a remarkable online event. Features such as voice calling, screen & video sharing, and post-event analytics are becoming the basic fundamentals. All these elementary components can work perfectly in EventX, the industry champion for event management software solutions in Asia, without a hitch. What makes us stand out are our unique features, and below are some of the key reasons why you should host an online event with us:


1. All-inclusive event system

Hosting paid events is always a great way to generate revenue, but the absence of a payment system can cause trouble, and a third-party system or in-person payment would definitely give you a hard time. In collaboration with the top global payments provider Stripe, Our customers can add different types of tickets and charge attendees without any geographical limitations – we provide an option to charge attendees in various currencies, which better serves the international audience.

More has been done on the registration process to enhance the overall experience; customers can now tailor-made and host their own registration forms with us. In addition, the built-in online event registration software allows customers to frame stunning and delicate registration forms with templates provided to personalize the registration paths for every registrant for maximal registration.


2. Reliable data protection and security

Data privacy is of paramount importance, especially in video conferencing. Everyone, and event organizers, in particular, hates seeing any “Zoom bombing” incidents, the unwanted disturbance out of nowhere, crops up and disrupts the event. Therefore, a concerted effort has to be made to optimize data protection, preventing unauthorized access, leakage, or data disclosure. We are committed to keeping the data secure within the platform. Since May 25, 2018, we have complied with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy law and become the first Asia-based event management software platform to obtain ISO 27001 certification. All customer data is encrypted and transmitted via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology, and we also employ PCI Controls, provided by Stripe, as our official payment gateway partner. Privacy and security cannot be an afterthought, and we have built a solid shield to ensure a safe and protected event experience for our customers.


3. Reasonable pricing and inclusive plans

When it comes to online events, we would love to avoid many of the expenses of in-person events, from venue booking, and manpower to transportation and other amenities. In addition, you can manage your cash flow and spend wisely with us - our free plan allows event hosting for up to 2 hours and is very compatible with the current market scenario. We provide optimal flexibility for customers in terms of event planning as the charges are based on the number of attendees. Therefore, they can save more when they host a small-scale event or on a tight budget while hosting a larger one whenever such a need arises. Customers can select plans based on their needs and event scale, saving a significant amount of expenses. The platform also supports unlimited event hosting as long as it falls within the registration capacity.


4. Accessible to China audience

We have also partnered our SaaS services with Cloudflare, an international CDN provider with local services in China. With the ICP license, our events can work perfectly without internet interruption, whether the attendees are inside or outside China, and no VPN is needed. Furthermore, attendees can register online seamlessly at any of our China events. With the specially designed system, they can also access the local social-payment gateways, such as WeChat Pay and Alipay, while participating in the events smoothly without delay. These features provide the best custom-fit experience for the Chinese market and help connect with audiences in China, transcending boundaries.


5. Personalized and automatic mailing

Changes are inevitable, and in some cases, planned events have to be postponed or modified. Therefore, keeping the attendees up to date on any changes in the event is essential. We provide a responsive communication tool for all our customers to share the latest event updates. Amendments on the date, time, or speakers can be swiftly sent to all attendees via email or SMS notifications. We also take good care of the eDM journey. Customers can create personalized invitations, confirmation, and reminder emails with the platform’s customizable templates. The email sequences can be automated without getting into the trouble of coding. Further, email responses can be made-to-order to accommodate different occasions to shoot up the event attendance rate.


6. Assorted customer support

We all understand that online events heavily rely on technology. Suppose any attendee experiences tech glitches, such as having trouble logging in, can’t access the microphone or camera or having difficulties joining the breakout session. In that case, the entire event may not be a pleasant experience. However, with our live chat support team, whenever customers experience any technical issues during the live event period, they can contact the technical support team by simply clicking the live chat button. The team will handle the rest.

Another support provided is the multilingual feature, allowing customers to reach a global audience by offering six languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Attendees can pick their choice at the time of login and can see both organizer-generated content and interface content in the selected language. Besides the event session, the multilingual feature is available in all parts of the platform, and attendees can change the desired language no matter in the Webinar Sessions, Sponsors, Speakers, Virtual Booths, Networking Lounge, Product lists, or even the registration form.


Though there are some diversified and widespread online meeting platform options right away to choose from, the fully furnished features in our system and customizable support can make it the top drawer for your next online event. So, get started with EventX now to unlock the seamless online event hosting experience.

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