Hybrid Event Software That Minimizes Cost and Maximizes ROI

Boost Attendance by Up to 43%

With opportunities to attend both online and offline, attendees can opt for their ideal manner of participation. Near or far, our hybrid event hosting platform can make attendance possible for more guests.

Host Events with Global Reach

In today’s highly digital world, not all interested guests can show up in person. Give global participants a chance to join the fun, whether in the flesh or through a screen.

Intuitive and Data-Driven

Obtain valuable data regarding your event from our hybrid event hosting platform’s built-in statistics and analysis suite for better event planning in the future.

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Hybrid Event Hosting Software Features You Can’t Miss

Hybrid events are about more than just having enough room for your live and virtual attendees. Below are some of our hybrid event platform’s best features:

Convenient Hosting

The magic of your event does not have to stop with your offline guests. Host your event online for a hassle-free, virtual experience that does not compromise on the quality of the event-- even for your online attendees.


Lead Capture

Not sure how to reach the attendees you want for your event? Get your invite to the right people with our convenient Lead Capture feature. Whether they will be attending live or online, allow our hybrid event hosting software to boost the numbers of your participants!



Even online venues have limitations. From finite online slots to missed registration days, there are plenty of challenges that interested online guests must contend with. Make your event accessible on the day itself with our hybrid event platform’s built-in livestreaming function, so you can reach more people and raise awareness for your brand and company.



Tap into China’s social network and beyond by securing our connections through the EventX hybrid event hosting software. Gain access to a rich pool of guests both local and virtual for your event.


Breakout Rooms

A good event sparks inspiration. A great event moves others to share ideas. Create valuable avenues for hybrid interaction and idea exchange among both virtual and live attendees within our hybrid event platform’s sophisticated breakout room system.


Event Analytics

Obtain valuable insights from our hybrid event hosting software’s built-in data gathering and analytics features. Determine what worked and what didn’t during the course of your hybrid event, so you can execute the next one better.


Compare EventX with other webinar tools

Features EventX hybrid events Other hybrid event tools
Automated email invitations
Customizable emails
Automated event registration page
Chats, polls, Q&As
Interactive networking functions
Local customer support
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Industries that use hybrid event software

Hybrid event hosting software can completely transform the way how events work, especially for certain industries. Below are some of the top industries that EventX can serve and empower using our hybrid event hosting platform.

Corporate Organizations

Encourage collaboration and ideation, no matter where your team is. Whether your team chooses to report to the office to attend a conference in person or they prefer to stay home and work remotely, our hybrid event software can make a seamless experience possible for all attendees involved. Acquire our hybrid event hosting software to encourage teamwork and participation without sacrificing the quality of your event.

Small to Large Enterprises

Client awareness and smooth operations are the lifeblood of any successful enterprise. By using our hybrid event software, enterprises can conduct both live and virtual demonstrations and expos of their products and their uses. Cater to both local and long-distance customers by making your event available in both live and virtual spaces.

Educational Institutions

Learning is an individual experience—but it does not have to be limited by distance. Hold classes and trainings with ease by utilizing our hybrid event hosting platform. Share valuable knowledge with local attendees with a live event and widen your reach to the rest of the Global Village.


What did our client say

We were very satisfied with EventX virtual event Platform during our virtual conference last week. From a technical point of view, everything went very smooth and seamless. Our delegates were very positive and they found the platform very user friendly.

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Koen Roeyers
CEO | PPL Networks Ltd

Hybrid Event Hosting for Any Occasion

Get your event to anyone, anytime. Through our hybrid event hosting channel, you can run a event with both local and virtual attendance options, reaching audiences around the world. Employ our hybrid event hosting platform for higher event attendance, more valuable engagement among attendees and a wider event reach that spans both the globe and your local scene.

If you have been looking for a way to run an interesting event even in an era of remote work and collaboration, choose EventX as your next hybrid event hosting platform. Partner with us and be a pioneer in exciting events that bridge the gap between reality and the virtual realm in your field.

Events anywhere, anytime, for anyone.

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