The International Virus & Bacteria Industry Expo 2022 (ViBac 2022)

Quick Facts

The International Virus & Bacteria Industry Expo 2022 (ViBac 2022)

Event Nature

Hybrid fair


18 Jul - 19 Jul, 2022


Seoul, Korea

About the event


The International Virus & Bacteria Industry Expo 2022 (ViBac 2022) was held at COEX, Seoul, Korea, from July 18 to July 19, 2022. The fair was operated as a hybrid event, both offline and online. The event was held to share industry-wide trends and promote investment and development with major companies in various fields such as pharmaceutical, bio, diagnostic, experimental, and microbiome related to viruses and bacteria. 

More than 60 booths were operated at the exhibition, and expert conferences were held in five sessions, including "The World of Bacteria and Viruses," "Pandemic Response COVID-19 Hospital Operation Case," "Business Trend of Vaccines," "Promotion Strategy in In vitro Diagnosis," and "Pandemic Era, Role and Strategy for Elderly Health."



Why did you choose EventX?

Vibac Fair organizers learned about the EventX platform through LinkedIn three years ago in 2019. Because EventX has supported various events so far, it has been chosen to prepare for the event conveniently and proceed stably.  In addition to supporting the online event platform, we also have an event management system for offline events, so we decided to host a hybrid event.  For this reason, Vibac Fair organizers pointed out that EventX's advantage is that a hybrid event can be held offline and online on one platform.

EMS to help with offline events, check-in app, and eSaaS to be used online, all three of which allowed smooth event progress.We chose EventX because we could check attendance and could enter quickly using the check-in app. Unlike the check-in method of the previous event, the check-in app was able to scan the QR code and check-in by itself. These solutions have helped quickly enter the complex and crowded event site. 


An online event could make it easier for individuals from other countries to participate. Pandemics have almost been eased, but depending on the country, restrictions such as quarantine upon entry have often not been eased. For this reason, it was difficult to gather many participants through offline events. However, by conducting online events at the same time, it increased the accessibility and participation of overseas buyers.


In addition, it was attractive that EventX could be accessed without using VPN in China. In most cases, VPNs are needed to participate in overseas sites or events online in China, and EventX allows participants in China to use phone numbers instead of email when logging in, and payment methods using WeChat Pay or Alipay are also supported.


Benefits of EventX

The organizers mentioned that they were able to see many advantages as it was a hybrid event.

First of all, it was helpful because the check-in app was highly utilized at offline events, which were major events. The first advantage is QR check-in. Participants had the advantage of being able to enter the complex event site quickly. The second is a badge instant printing solution.Badge forms can be customized and all label printers are compatible. It was convenient to print the badge with the participants' names on it immediately after scanning the QR code.


Because we can utilize EventX to create and build the event registration website for free, the EMS function is also crucial. Create customized questions from companies or associations to complete the application form in just a few clicks, and all tasks were convenient because no additional coding was required. The event registration page also has a "multilingual form" for overseas participants, providing convenience. 

The event was automatically sent to participants by pre-email to remind them.Local email QQ, 126 email, 163 email, and sina email were available to China. Before the event, the QR code for entering the event was sent to the participants by email so that they could enter offline quickly. 


After the event, EventX's event analysis function was also very helpful. Through comprehensive data analysis, we were able to see the results of the event at a glance.

The organizers were satisfied that the online event solution was web-based, not downloading or having to do anything else. There was a function to customize the lobby or booth to make it look like a real exhibition hall. It was good to be able to implement VR or metaverse in the exhibition hall according to the post-COVID-19 era. By inserting promotional videos or images, it was possible to deliver efficient information to online participants. The booth was also customized and decorated, and the file was uploaded so that only the necessary information could be downloaded.As a result, the cost and time of the online event have naturally been reduced. The number of participants remains unchanged, but they plan to use online events in the future as hybrid events are popular after COVID-19 as offline events will be held with a small budget.

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