Top Tips to Present an Idea Clearly

Hazel Siu Jan 13, 2022

Rejection is a part of life. This is especially true at the workplace, where you have bosses, supervisors and clients to answer to. While the fear of rejection is normal, you can try to avoid it by presenting your ideas clearly before your target audience.

How to clearly present your ideas

Make the interests of the company your priority

Your idea should contribute to the interests of the entire organization, even if it is only applicable to a minor aspect of the business. It makes the idea more influential and raises the likelihood of it being accepted. Consider these: what other parts of the firm can profit from your idea? What is the highlight of your concept?

You should also demonstrate that the company's long-term viability is your priority. In presenting your proposals, refer to potential challenges and hazards. Tailor your presentation according to the company's taste. For example, a PowerPoint presentation would be more appropriate for a law firm, while a presentation with music could be more effective at a media company.

Get to the point


Your clients are busy, and you should try to respect their time. This is especially important for webinars and online events. Be prepared to fill your supervisor in on your ideas before the meeting.

During your presentation, get to the point. It would help to set clear objectives before the webinar or online meeting, and keep them in mind during your presentation. Do not go off on a tangent because your client may interrupt you if you do. This could result in your audience or supervisor losing interest. Prepare a pitch deck to help you stay on track.

Tell a story

Stories move people more than facts and technical details. Tell a story that appeals to the emotions instead of starting with facts and figures, which, while essential, are more impactful when woven into a story. Unveil your ideas through telling a compelling tale – this would also communicate your enthusiasm more effectively.

During the presentation, find a balance between a professional, yet friendly tone.

Briefly introduce yourself and your background to enhance credibility, and mention how your experience relates to the company's industry or objective.

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Align with decision makers


Ideas are typically evaluated based on the requirements of companies and their decisions. Your ideas should address their concerns and beliefs. When designing and presenting your ideas, prioritize the goals and values of these decision makers.

Sell your vision

Refrain from starting your online meeting by talking about yourself, your company, or your ideas. Doing so would only make your client focus on cost and product features and lose interest in anything else you might want to share. Instead, concentrate on selling your vision. Your employer is likely interested in gaining new consumers, outperforming their competitors, keeping old ones, and boosting profit margins. So, draw up a plan that addresses such points. Show that your vision can help your audience with their goals and dreams.

Define the problem and solve it

You can be utterly obsessed with your company’s notion. Your product prototypes are fantastic, and you are excited about your business strategy. Alas, investors will not share your enthusiasm if your solution does not solve a problem.

Add relevant visuals

Optimize your ideas with visuals. Make use of PowerPoint slides or other formats. You can also connect your computer screen to virtual meeting software. EventX, for example, has many valuable features that can help you spice up your pitches, including colorful charts and patterns designed to engage your clients and make them fall in love with your ideas. Remember, you do not have to be a graphic designer: keep things simple and let your ideas do the talking.

Wait for the right time


Your presentation's timing is crucial and may require patience. Keep up with the company's overall tone, circumstances, and themes. This way, you can make the perfect proposal at the right moment.

Be confident

Success is never guaranteed, but even if your idea gets rejected, your compelling presentation and you, the presenter, can leave a lasting impact. As much as you should strive to present your ideas clearly, you should also focus on making a lasting impression.

The virtual event management software you use also determines your success. Choose a platform, like EventX, that allows you to easily and effectively express yourself online.

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