How do you draft an event proposal?

Hazel Siu Feb 4, 2022

Since the start of the pandemic, virtual events have become increasingly more popular as audiences flock online to enjoy the excitement of going to an event while avoiding crowds and staying in the comfort of their own cozy blanket.

What is an event proposal?

From organizing a webinar on marketing to creating an online fundraiser for a charity, an event proposal is a comprehensive plan that forms the backbone of every event. It encompasses every single element of the event, from listing stakeholders that are attending to how and when the event is going to take place. An event proposal serves as an abstract of what you are all about, providing a clear roadmap for your clients on what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it. 

Benefits of virtual events

Larger audience, better statistics


The main purpose of doing a virtual event is for lead generation. Compared to in-person events, it is much easier to retrieve information about attendees in order to do automated follow-ups to keep them engaged and have them learn more about your company’s offerings.


Because the event is held online, people from all over the world are going to be able to join, allowing people who previously would not be able to participate in person to come and share their own opinions as well. This greatly increases the potential customer base, allowing more people to be exposed to your brand and its services.

Reduced expenses


Without having to worry about catering, travel, accommodation, and venue fees, companies can instead use that money to spend more on marketing the event and hosting them on reputable and reliable online event platforms such as EventX.

How to draft an event proposal

Each proposal should be tailor-made to suit the client. Adding a personal flair or using a unique approach, seemingly insignificant things, goes a long way in creating a loyal customer base while generating new ones. Proposals should also be short and concise and thoroughly researched so clients know exactly what you are proposing.

Step 1: Know who you’re writing for

As different events require different approaches, you should always make sure you fully understand who you are tailoring the event proposal. Look up the client online and research past events the client has been involved in to incorporate some of the elements that worked and discard the elements that did not. Having this information, it will create a strong foundation of what should and shouldn’t be suggested to the client.

Step 2: Clearly define your vision


What do you wish to achieve with this event for the client? What makes your approach unique? How are attendees going to navigate the event and is the message you want to convey clear enough? By clearly defining what you hope to achieve by doing this event, the client will be able to follow along and clearly understand the benefits of such an event.

Step 3: Emphasize your experience

Now that you have told your client about your vision, why should sponsors and stakeholders work with you? You should emphasize what you have done in the past and how it’s gotten you to where you are, you should boast about your achievements and give the client a compelling reason to get involved with you. 

Step 4: Create an overview

Now that you have gotten the client excited about the event and yourself, it is time to talk in-depth about the nitty-gritty of the execution of the event. How is the event going to be held, what kind of logistics are going to be involved and who is going to be involved? We recommend using EventX, it has an excellent array of tools to use for all kinds of virtual events, coupled with its easy-to-use UI and an event lead conversion rate boost of 89% after customers have used the platform, it will be another selling point you can use in your event proposal.

Step 5: Break down your budget


This is one of the sections that the client is going to look over the most. By creating a detailed budget breakdown, clients will better understand where exactly the money they’re paying is going, giving them peace of mind.

Step 6: Express your gratitude

The final part of your proposal should be where you thank the client for their consideration, quickly reiterate why your proposal should be chosen, and leave your contact information so that prospective clients will be able to get in touch.

Here is a simple template of an event proposal: 

  1. Event Title
    ABC Education Fair
  2. Target Audiences
    Hong Kong Publishing House, Investors, Schools
  3. Venue Details
    The venue will be online, utilizing the EventX virtual event platform. Attendees can join the event wherever they want, sharing insights on the education industry with each other. 
  4. Overview of the Event
    By using EventX’s virtual event platform, exhibitors can customize their booths, and visitors can easily inspect different educational materials. 
  5. Objectives of the Event
    Virtual booths allow vendors from Hong Kong to seamlessly connect to potential clients around Asia through online chats and webinars. 
  6. Benefits of the Event
    Ability to reach out to the Greater Bay Area with EventX and tap into new markets.
  7. Event Timetable
    September 15th, 2022 - October 10th, 2022
  8. Budget Breakdown
  9. Closing statements

In a nutshell

An event proposal is all about sharing your vision to the client, showing them why they should choose you instead of your competitors, and getting the client to envision how your event will help them bring in new customers while retaining their current customer base. In addition to having a great proposal, having a great platform to hold your virtual events is crucial as well. By utilizing EventX, you will be able to use polls to gain instant feedback and help your clients increase their event lead conversion rate. 

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