7 Ways Event Management Software Is Essential For Organizers

Joy Therese Gomez Jun 18, 2021
Event management software can streamline the process of organizing an event, which often demands significant time and attention to detail.
Planning, platform building, and registration promotion all require specific expertise and can be overwhelming without the right tools.
Fortunately, event management software can simplify the process and make it more manageable.
Various types of event management software can provide a comprehensive range of business solutions throughout the entire event cycle. These systems offer tools and interfaces that streamline work and enable effective multitasking. Marketing statistics show that event management software can increase productivity by 27%, profit margins by 20-30%, and attendance by 20%.
Given these benefits, an event management software package is an essential tool for every event organizer's toolbox.

1. Event Management Software Streamlines Planning Every Aspect of Your Event

Event Management Software Streamlines Handling Every Aspect of Your Event

On any project, the tasks involved in event planning and production tend to branch out in exponential ways. It’s easy to get lost in the vast sea of vendors, speakers, themes, and forms. Event management software can help you set up a system that’s tailor-made for your needs, allowing you to supervise everything through one source.

Relying on a comprehensive management program reduces the need to switch between platforms to monitor progress and coordinate with every vendor. This ensures effective workflow management and higher productivity levels. With a click of a button, you can update your overall event plan, tweak your promotion strategy, track on-site operations, and so much more. It still allows you to be hands-on with your event but minus the time-consuming bureaucracy that usually entails.

2. Event Management Software Helps Cuts Spending and Increases ROI

Though the initial prospect of paying (gasp!) for a software subscription might give you pause, it’s simply a smart investment. As you automate and optimize every event process, you’ll probably uncover significant reductions in both overhead expenses and operating costs. 

With the use of a comprehensive event management software platform, you’ll likely save time and money by cutting down on inessential staff hires and training, reduce your own working hours, and cut the need to pay subscription fees to multiple platforms. Software features that collate event transactions and analyze expected income and spendings can also help you get the most out of your budget.

And let’s not forget: an optimized event means more registrations a.k.a. potential customers, so you might not have to sweat that ROI too much.

3. Event Management Software Lets You Build an Official Event Website and App

Event Management Software Lets You Build an Official Event Website and App

Having an official website and mobile app has become a staple for modern events. To launch a wide-scale event, an interface that will showcase your brand and build hype around your event is a definite must. But by using event management software, you won’t need to worry about hiring a developer or getting stuck in the doldrums of coding. 

Event management software packages include tools that enable almost anyone to build professional websites quickly and effectively. In minutes you can have a fully functional platform where you can strategically lay out all the details of your event and accept registrations. Oh, and did we mention you can customize the app’s design and theme to your liking? Let potential customers know your event means serious business and is worth their attention.

4. Event Management Software Makes the Registration and Check-in Process Seamless

Nothing furrows the brows of potential attendees faster than being redirected to a maze of pages and presented with a mountain of forms to fill. Yikes! Fortunately, simplifying the registration, RSVP, and check-in process is a major focus of event management software. 

With just a few tweaks and a little know-how, you can integrate an online registration form, ticketing, and payments within your website and app. And if your event includes a physical element, you can prevent long queues for onsite event check-ins when you opt for a QR code system. Using survey plugins in your software also eliminates the need to hand out and sort through post-event survey forms afterward.

Such a hassle-free and state-of-the-art process can make a great impression on your attendees which will definitely go a long way for making your brand stand out. 

5. Event Management Software Beefs up Your Database and Generates Real-Time Analytics

Excellent outcomes build on data-driven decisions. From gauging new trends to tracking attendee engagement, a sophisticated software system for inputting and analyzing data lets you have a bird’s-eye view of your event.

Aside from keeping you updated on the progress of event processes, real-time analytics give you the lowdown on your winning elements and the areas your event needs improvement. You’ll be able to track which campaigns are getting more clicks, which speakers are popular among attendees, and how guests are interacting within your app. The data can even be used to cherry-pick who to invite to similar events. Pretty neat, huh?

6. Event Management Software Will Streamline Your Event Marketing Strategies

Event marketing tools are also a key feature of event management software. Understanding the vital role of promotions, these tools make it easier to get the word out about your event across various channels. Yes, that means it saves you from yet another set of apps you’d normally have to switch to!

Thanks to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), you can connect to other software and sales platforms to streamline promotions for your event. Seamlessly craft a marketing campaign, send out newsletters, schedule social media posts, create ads, and basically go all out on audience engagement with these tools.

7. Event Management Software Creates a Formal Space for Attendees to Network

Event Management Software Creates a Formal Space for Attendees to Network

According to a study by the International Association of Exhibition and Events, the primary reason to go to an event for 76% percent of attendees is to network. There is therefore a need for you to encourage an engaging and vibrant atmosphere at your event, and one of the best ways to do this is to nurture a community prior to the actual event date. But before you rush to create yet another Facebook group, why not try out a more professional setting?

Through a software’s networking platform feature, you can create a structured and no-nonsense space for actual attendees (no trolls here!) to get to know each other, initiate discussions, and even set up meetings prior to the event. Though keep in mind, it is still up to you to moderate these interactions as well as track any meetings taking place on your app/website.

In Summary

Initially, we set out to provide you with all the reasons event management software is a must-have for every organizer’s toolbox. But considering all the features we’ve discussed, Event Management Software doesn’t just belong in your toolbox, it actually is the entire toolbox! It contains every essential process and has everything you need to plan, optimize, promote, and manage a dynamic event. 

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