5 Ways You Can Boost Events Using Email Marketing

Joy Therese Gomez Jun 18, 2021

Everyone has a compulsion to check their inbox notifications, so it’s safe to say that email marketing is here to stay. In fact, a huge number of event organizers list email marketing as their most effective marketing tactic. But how are they doing it exactly? Below are five ways that show how employing a dose of email marketing could seriously boost your events—from building on FOMO, to expanding your reach and, of course, increasing event registrations. 

1. Build Hype around Your Event through an Event Newsletter

First things first, make sure you already have a mailing list of quality subscribers to which the event you’re offering would be relevant. If not, it’s never too late to grow your list by offering a newsletter subscription on your website or pulling up sign-ups from previous live events or similar webinars you’ve hosted.

From there, you can arouse curiosity by slowly revealing details about your event. The first email could just be a simple heads up, letting people know an event from your company is coming their way. In the following weeks, you can officially launch the title and date of your event and gradually lay out more details until the big day is finally here.

2. Stir up FOMO by Laying Out All the Event's Goodies

Once you’ve planned out your newsletter, it’s time to convince subscribers why they wouldn’t want to miss out on your event. That said, you can never go wrong with informational emails. Provide compelling facts and statistics on how the focus of your event will be beneficial to your audience.  

Slowly but surely, lay out all the valuable things they could get from attending your event. Include detailed information about the topics you will discuss, the adventures you offer as well as the speakers and personalities who will be there. You can even raise awareness about how relevant it is to issue we face today.

3. Include Exclusive Offers to Increase Registration and Expand Your Reach

Everyone likes a bargain. Aside from convincing subscribers that your event will be worthwhile, you would also do well motivating them to save up some cash while they’re at it. To ramp up registration rates, consider including special offers in your emails. 

Early bird discounts are a surefire way to jumpstart ticket sales, while notorious flash sales prompt hesitant attendees to finally hit that register button. Including bulk or group ticket discounts can also encourage attendees to invite more guests. But if you’re looking for a tried and tested way to expand your event’s reach without breaking a sweat, reserving some tickets or must-have items for a giveaway will do the trick. 

4. Elicit “Oohs” and “Ah's” with Your Graphics

Even though the majority of people check their inbox almost 20 times a day, on average we actually only spend 13 seconds reading each email. Opening a basic all-text email just doesn’t cut it these days. This is why in order to keep your subscribers hooked, you must also invest in your email’s graphics and visual aids. 

Besides having a compelling subject line, we suggest spacing out texts and going for clear and straightforward messaging. Consider using bold colors, GIFS, emojis, powerful photography, and even interactive plugins to make your email stand out. And most importantly, create a unique and clickable call-to-action button (yes, not just a hyperlink) for your landing page.

5. Capitalize on Your Nearing Event Date

Finally, you ought to strongly remind your subscribers when the event date is near. Some of them could have forgotten about it or have put off registering, thinking they had more time. Whatever the case, sending reminder emails that include a sense of urgency and a bold call to action is key. 

This will also be a great opportunity to remind people who have already registered that the event is happening soon. Putting in a countdown timer, time-sensitive copy or even a last-minute ticket flash sale are effective ways of nudging those who are on the edge of committing to your event. 

In Summary

Launching a strategic, informative, and eye-catching newsletter is key to email marketing. You can definitely use tried and tested tactics to give your event a wider and sturdier platform. Through the tips we’ve provided, you will not only keep your audience in the know but also excited and talking about your event.

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