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5 Reasons Of Hybrid Events Drive Better ROI in 2022

Hybrid events are getting popular as it is more advantages than traditional events in terms of awareness, outreach, budgets, and data insights.

What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid events are a type of event that combines both in-person and virtual experiences.  Besides the event still having a physical venue setup and providing in-person networking sessions, the event organizer needs to set up live streaming logistics for all the in-event interactions and data insights among online participants.

Benefits of Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are gaining popularity due to their similarity to in-person events but with the added ability to utilize virtual aspects. Organizers understand the advantages, such as reaching more audiences, boosting engagement, and having access to real-time event data for an instant response and follow-up.

Lower Costs of Event Attendees Acquisition

You wouldn’t want to miss potential business partners from anywhere. To maximize the event ROI, the event should go hybrid instead of having in-person and online events separately - saving 50% event costs compared to one-event-at-one-time in the past. The hybrid event is a chance to get more attendees and convert more leads. What you need is only a place for a physical venue and a leading SaaS company that enables robust solutions for hybrid events. 

Higher Reach of Event Registrations

Extending potential audience reach to the globe, unlike traditional in-person events, which are limited by the event venue only. Hybrid events help you to gain extra online visibility apart from your physical events. Without the limitation of time and geography, people are more likely to register for your event now.

Higher Engagement with Event Attendees

Boosting event engagement is no longer rocket science. You may think that webinars are just one-way communication, however, some webinar tools are now tackling the engagement issues in creative ways. For example, EventX has an emoji popup function, allowing your attendees to express their reactions in a simple and direct way. With the engagement boosting functions they have, your hybrid event isn’t just sitting there and having no responses anymore.

Longer Lifespan of Event Content

Demand generation is a long-term game, and those event SaaS tools are going to be a game-changer. The beauty of investing in hybrid events is that we can push the event content on social media. With the social media algorithms, attendees' friends and followers are our potential too. It means that we can promote to them with fewer sales intent, more entertaining recorded event content for demand generation, especially during the holiday seasons. 

Higher Transparency of Event Data Insights

Event data is the new big thing in the event marketing industry. As a top-performed event organizer, keeping track of everyone in your event is the first and foremost task. Those features for optimizing attendees' engagement are among event SaaS tools promoted when virtual and hybrid events are on-trend. When you are planning events, the first question to ask is how many people are going to attend, where do they come from, how long the length of social networking sessions should be set, etc. These setups of rundown determine the event content which translates into event data of in-event and data insight of post-event. 

Successful Hybrid Events

Have you been impressed by Tim Cook’s Apply Product Launch Events, or have you remembered the first hybrid TwitchCon live streaming in 2019? Yes, innovative event technology and robust event management tools always take wings to brilliant creative event content. The virtual and hybrid events are not exclusive to world-class big brands anymore. If you want to experience the beauty of hybrid events with 3D Lobby (also named metaverse), click this out!!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 

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