Introducing Event Apps & App Builder

We are proud to present our new products that can help you create and push your event content to multiple platforms (Web, iOS, Android) in real time. Read on to learn more.

The haunting last-minute updates…

We all experience that. Things just happen. There are always changes until the last minute of the event.

Speaker replacement. Venue changes. Session swaps. You name it.

As an event planner, you’re already running around the clock. But now, on top of the works, you have to inform everyone about the changes.

You have to look through all digital channels to update the content, and check again and again if all the content is correct and up to date now. Not to mention printed materials are wasted.

The process is exhausting, and prone to errors, also stressful when the event is coming soon and even happening.

Not anymore.

Event apps to communicate across platforms easily

To solve the problem of event communication, we are launching EventX event apps today.

EventX event apps are where your attendees could access the real-time update info about your event on any device. By checking the apps, attendees could look into event agenda, speaker list, attendee profiles, venue map, your custom content and much more on a dazzling user interface.

The content of your events becomes accessible on any device. By any device, we refer to laptop, desktop, tablets or mobile phone, with or without downloading a specific native app. We achieve this by developing our apps using hybrid technology. With the dominant trend of zero-app download, we aim at developing a product that is accessible anywhere and still offer the value as much as native mobile apps do.

So now, whatever changes happen, what you need to do is just to update on one single system. Our system would help you to sync the update event content to all platforms. What’s more, the content push is synced in a second. You don’t have to concern any lead time for reflecting the changes.

Intuitive builder to create event apps effortlessly

To let you develop and update event content effortlessly, we’ve also brought you our newly launched App Builder. 

With our intuitive App Builder, you could create highly customized event apps (for the web, iOS, and Android) easily. Just by dragging and dropping, you could set up a unique tab menu on your own event apps.

We also understand that distributing this app to your attendees require some promotion work. We help you introduce the app to the audience easily with different nudges. For instance, using our App Builder, we could help you generate a poster with a QR code linked to the event apps so that you could paste it at the event venue. We could also help you embed the link to the apps in your event confirmation email.

Making your events more personal

We know what matters most at events is attendee experience. So is our vision of EventX event apps. In the future, we will develop more features for attendees that could help them engage with the events better and make impactful connections.

In fact, we’ve been working on this and shipped some teaser features. In the current version of event apps, your attendees could benefit from features like Personal Agenda and Contact Scans. So they could have a more personal experience at your events.

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