5 Tips on How to Replan Your Event for Coronavirus Outbreak (with real example)

Renee Tsang Jun 18, 2021

 What you are going to see:

  • How did our client (a real finance conference event) convert their original live event to online mode to eliminate health risks during the Coronavirus outbreak
  • Special event arrangements to inform event attendees who have made their payments, speakers and other stakeholders
  • Solutions of setting up an online event using the right tool

First of all, we would like to express our sincere thanks to our client for sharing this experience with all of us. We will not disclose any confidential information including the event name and company name to secure the interest of our client. 

Event Type Participants Situation
Conference& Exhibition 2,500+ attendees~ 150 speakers~ 300 exhibitors

Live event original venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Original event date: 
Mid February

Ticket price:
From USD99 – 499

Live event under Coronavirus outbreak

Since mid-February, many large events such as Mobile World Congress, Cisco, Facebook, etc. have canceled their events due to the impact of Coronavirus. In many cases, payments have already settled before the events. If you do not want to disappoint your attendees, are there any alternatives to ensure the smooth run of your event? Let’s see how one of our clients shifts their live event to an online event.

1. Massive communication via event management system

Our client did keep track on the development of the disease. When they confirmed to shift the event online, they immediately sent out updated emails to all the guests, in order to encourage them to join the forum online to avoid mass gathering.

In our EventX email system, they can easily categorize their attendees, speakers, exhibitors to separate segments. It is more convenient for them to create and send email with different content to corresponding groups.

2. Handle refund and rearrangement quick

Ticket refunding takes a lot of time, right? This time, to those who cannot join the online event, our client provided them a fast refund experience through EventX platform. They made refunds themselves with simple drag and click. All the money could be credited to the original form of payment within a few minutes. It allowed more time for the organizer to set up the event.

3. Turn your event online with the right tool

Nowadays, there are many options and platforms for you to host an event online, such as live streaming platform, online meeting platform, or online event platform. Organizers can choose the best platform based on their event type and needs.

A financial forum requires more than just an online webinar or a live show, organizers were also looking for event engagement and connection between attendees. Therefore, the event adopted an easy set-up online event platform after a thorough review and evaluation on market available options.

4. Keep engaging your audience through multi-channel

The platform allowed attendees to join the event even if they are staying at home. Getting into the event quickly through a URL, no software is needed, and no device limitation.

During the broadcasting part, speakers could give interesting live speeches with screen sharing at the same time. The platform had already provided chatting, Q&A and polling sessions to help maximum event engagement. Attendees could participated the event as likely as what they can experience in a physical event.


5. Keep the networking, but online

In addition, attendees not only could fully engage the event online, but also keep networking and approached others in a more efficient way,  such as preview others’ digital profile by clicking on users’ icon, start communication with “message” function and schedule a fast meetings during the event.

To make online meeting interactive, attendees could have a “real” face-to-face discussion in a virtual table. They were allowed to switch on the mic and camera to let others hear the voice.

Although online event cannot totally replace physical event, but for those event organizers who don’t want to cancel the event, it could be an option under coronavirus outbreak.

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