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How Acestar Took its Hit Event Online for Even Greater Success


Quick Facts - SEA Connect - The Creative Conference

Event Nature

Virtual Conference


15 - 16 Dec, 2020







To go ahead with the annual event, Acestar needed to digitally transform it and adopt an all-in-one virtual event solution that could help set up a virtual venue in a short time. Acestar chose EventX as its virtual vendor, allowing the setup of an event registration form, a virtual event site, and the ability to export a post-event report, all within a single platform. 

Since physical events were not feasible, Acestar was faced with the challenge of matching the high engagement of its traditional events in an online setting. EventX’s answer to this essential need was based on its virtual platform features. While physical interactions would not be possible, audience members could arrange video calls, text chat, or even schedule meetings to meet each other.

Even online, Acestar wanted to maintain the look and feel of SEA Connect. To do so, the company rented an actual ballroom with a professional conference speaking setup. Speakers could present their thoughts in front of a camera throughout the event, all streamed live to the platform. Audiences could interact with speakers by using the Q&A feature and chat function.


With the support of EventX, Acestar made engagement possible even during a pandemic. The event gained more than 1,400 registrations, a higher number compared to previous events. An additional surprise positive came from the straightforward design of the platform, which enabled exhibitors to set up their booths after only a single briefing. This saved Acestar a great deal of time they expected to expend in educating event exhibitors at setting up. 

Acestar noted that EventX’s professional team had a fast response time, giving immediate responses when solving technical problems and that they ultimately made sure the event ran smoothly.

Acestar’s overall rating for EventX’s event services was a superb 9/10⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Feedback From Acestar


Greatest Strength

“EventX has cutting edge features and it catered well with our aim to drive events with high interaction. We have always been active in events with the right audiences for our industry.”


Something to Look At

“The resolution dropped slightly when some attendees viewed streams via EventX Web, but it was always fine when viewed via Zoom.”

Learning Outcomes

It was EventX’s pleasure to work with Acestar and put its creative conference live online for the first time, gathering together creative users from around the world. EventX teams were so excited to see the event succeed. We will continue improving the platform and hopefully, will have further collaborations with Acestar in the future.

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Want to take your events to the next level
with a game-changing virtual event platform?