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Empowering the Higher Education Industry

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Conference for Yonsei University's Institute of Higher Education Innovation

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10 Aug - 9 Sep, 2022




Seoul, Korea


Yonsei University's Institute of Higher Education Innovation

Yonsei University's Institute of Higher Education Innovation is an institution that fosters talent to solve social problems through innovation in the paradigm of higher education. The objective is to make a significant effort to support talented individuals who volunteer their time to help solve societal issues teaching them the importance of convergence and creating brilliant individuals who have a more significant positive impact on society.

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Why did you choose EventX

First, Yonsei University's Higher Education Innovation Institute learned about EventX through the website of MEPS, a partner of EventX, while looking for a virtual exhibition hall. The organization eventually decided to choose EventX after learning that EventX is an all-in-one event solution that supports live streaming and virtual booths, rather than merely an online event platform that offered them.

EventX's exhibition hall had a video transmission function, and as a result, the ability to expose information about each company to a large number of people and the ability to insert and transmit YouTube in a webinar session were the most helpful. Simple editing features such as drag-and-drop have allowed promotional videos, images, and clickable external links to be added to the lobby, providing participants with the realism and novelty of the online event, and enabling them to proceed with a successful online event.

Another reason for the online event is the relative budget saving compared to offline and hybrid events. Currently, most events are becoming increasingly offline, but online events have the advantage of eliminating physical restrictions.



Benefits of the EventX Platform

First, the edm function sent by EventX and the pre-registration page countdown function were very helpful for the event. The email sent in advance to those who registered to participate in the event reminded them of the start, and the convenience of participation on the day of the event was also guaranteed to facilitate the event.

Second, we were satisfied that the event went smoothly through continuous live streaming. Unlike offline events, live streaming plays a vital role in hosting online events. In EventX, it was also a convenient feature that other video sites, such as YouTube could be synchronized to EventX.


로비 -3Third, the results of the vote were checked at a glance, and the interaction between the presenter and the participant was active and convenient. All participants were able to participate, and the presenter was able to see the results briefly and accurately. 

Fourth, it was very helpful to receive analysis data on the entire event, such as exhibition booths, after the event.Using the analysis data, we can check the pros and cons of this event and the areas that need improvement, so I think it will help in planning future events.

Lastly, it was good that we could proceed with the event with a small budget and no physical restrictions. Even if most of the events are held as offline events as before after the pandemic, online events will also be used as an auxiliary means.

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